Will necromancer hero class get necromancy trait tomorrow for the class event?

Just made me think of it is all.

Only if you give kudos to the one who made a weapon that actually works well with it’s upgrades.

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For the first part i think it’s interesting to make a team, or more, similar to the beta-testers, but focused on discussing and offering solutions to all these details, oversights and plain bad designs that were pilling up along the years. In theory we already do that in the forums on a daily basis, but not every suggestion is applicable and we also hardly get any acknowledge about our feedback…

For the second part i think you are getting carried away by your frustration, i hope you can realize this is not your “better self” and eventually calm down. There is literally nothing good to be gained in such state of mind.

+1 to this again…

You are of course correct. I need a nice shiny object to distract myself. Off to find one lol

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But they have that third trait for souls where you only need 40 match 4/5s to max out your soul counter… only 36 of them if you count getting four kills from battle. Totally a viable way to earn souls, especially low level where it is totally realistic you’d be able to unlock the trait and it is absolutely more efficient than using a Valk or a Banshee or something. Surely they don’t need two souls traits, or they’d be totally OP, right? Right?? /s

Honestly, the Necromancer Legendary trait should be +100% souls from battles and the “Ensoul” match trait as it exists now should just be repurposed and farmed out as a basic trait to various low rarity troops as a filler trait where they might normally get a “bond” or “shield”, because its about on par with those in power and utility. In many instances, I might actually still rather have the bond or shield trait even on my alt that still needs a couple million souls.


Hey Guys,

Jumping in here to reply to 2 points that have been brought up in this thread:

  • Why doesn’t the Necromancer class have the Necromancy trait?

  • Why did we design the Well-Read talent to give Magic to Tomes?

Why doesn’t the Necromancer class have the Necromancy trait?
The short answer is technical limitations.

Heroes are coded in the game differently to troops (necessarily so, as a Hero’s traits change with class). Due to the way it’s been set up, traits like Necromancy and Merchant have never worked with them. It’s certainly something that could be fixed in future, but for the moment, there have just been higher priority tasks.

Why did we design the Well-Read talent to give Magic to Tomes?
It may seem strange giving Tomes a Magic boost, when the Daemonomicon is the only Magic-scaling weapon (for Summoning). However when we were designing the Talent Systems, we were planning for the ideas and content that will release for the next several years.

This means that while we don’t currently have a Tome that scales off Magic well, we do have some in the future (we actually have one in the works for the next kingdom, for example). We also made sure to offer 3 Talent Trees for each class so if you saw a Talent you didn’t like, or it wasn’t well-supported yet, you would at least have 2 other options to choose from!

• Technical Limitations currently prevent us from giving Heroes Necromancy or Merchant traits
• We plan to release more Tomes in the future that scale off Magic.


This is why I think all future Q & A are best served on the forums. Thanks Nimhain!

Unfortunately, written Q and A’s take significantly more time to produce than the streams, which is why we changed their format.

Still, it was nice to get a peek behind the curtain and an explanation for some confusing decisions in the game. I hope you can convince your more reclusive colleagues to let you publish more information like that.

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Thank you for addressing the tome question.
But tome of wizardry boosts magic at II IV V for a total of +3 and explodes one gem.
Will things like that get fixed?


Whoa @nimhain is still alive! So cool to hear from you…

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Thanks for dropping in with that explanation.:smiley_cat: I was one of those people irked by the tome/magic issue. It’s good to know there are some tomes coming that scale with magic.

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I watched part of the stream last week. It’s too bad @Nimhain didn’t just back off her excellent (high workload) idea of complete unique custom Classes a little bit. I still believe they need a Tree option for each Race and to pull the hodgepodge of disorganized Races out of random trees.

@Sirrian commented on an excellent design idea that there were no choices before the rework. However, in an ironic twist what he has failed to do is examine the actual end product: with 3 Trees containing randomized Traits all we have is the ILLUSION of choice and not REAL choices. Some rows give the player zero real choices (bad, bad, bad) some are (bad, ok, bad).

The Class rework is such a missed opportunity for awesomeness, it make me shake my head whenever I look at almost every Talent Tree option.

I still believe: the Necromancer Classes needs an Undead column with APPROPRIATE Perks. One option could be @Tacet request in his OP.

Thanks for the explanation on that general issue.
But what about the magic gains directly on weapon upgrades of weapons that don’t do anything with it, like Golden Cog for example?
Are we going to see a change on those or are we just to accept that several of those weapons’ upgrade levels are literally for nought?

i use mountain crusher on a couple of teams, and noticed a few days ago that it has about the most useless final upgrade…

the weapon itself explodes brown gems…its final upgrade, which costs however many legendary ingots, is “explode a brown gem”.

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They should call that last upgrade “Encore!”

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Now it’s explode [Magic] brown gems. With final upgrade, it’s [Magic +1].
Remember there are some abilities that decrease your magic.

But yeah, it deserves a more powerful final upgrade.

Yes, necroing this topic because the Necomancer still hasn’t a Necromancy trait. :frowning:

Or any other class? ANY?
Google said no and I’m too lazy to check each class myself.

That’s probably because the game engine still can’t handle it properly prior to a major rework. Traits that provide a bonus to gold or souls don’t follow the standard trait rules, they are always active, even in situations where they shouldn’t apply (e.g. Arena, if you own a traited Flesh Golem you will get the Necromancy bonus when picking that troop). I’m not sure what the side effects of such a trait on the hero would be, I suspect it would either never be active or always apply, even if you switch to a different class.