Necromancer Class 2nd Trait Update

I find it really disappointing that the Necromancer hero class doesn’t have the Necromancy trait. Getting a few extra points of magic is nice and all, but it seems like Necromancy would be a much better fit for the 2nd trait. I feel like a Necromancer Hero should be the ultimate soul farming companion for Pharos-Ra, Keeper of Souls, and so on. It would be great if that small update could be made.

There were a few comments to this point in this old thread about class changes as well:


Someone else can find the old threads to show where the devs talk about this.
But it’s my understanding that the Traits for Hero classes are set in stone. And to change them is a huge time sink. As far as I know. Not a single trait has ever been changed on a hero class.

They can’t put Necromancy or Merchant style traits on heroes because of “technical limitations”. Yes, seriously:

To my knowledge, trait reworks for hero classes aren’t otherwise any harder than for any normal troop, but they are similarly low priority and therefore unlikely to happen anytime soon.


Hahahahahahaha that’s ridiculous.

The only thing that’s more ridiculous is we both know just how wrong it’d go if they tried to change it.

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I completely agree. I mean it’s in the name… Necromancy. It is 100% ridiculous it doesn’t have that trait. In fact that should be even better than Pharos Ra.

Well that’s unfortunate. It sounds like previous design choices have put them in a situation where seemingly small changes become more work than they want to take on. That’s not a great position to be in, but I can relate.

Thanks for the response though, it’s useful info.