Wicked Witch of the Wet

Originally published at: Wicked Witch of the Wet – Gems of War

New Epic Troop: Sea Hag The Sea Hag will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. New Doomed Weapon: Doomed Ring This week it will be available in both the Tower of Doom…

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The loot table for troops in Darkstone event chests is expected to look like this:

Chance Amount Troop
0.11% 1 Consort of Darkness, Mother of Darkness, The Possessed King
3.2% 1 Carmina, Gruz the Undefeated, Magnus, Psion
12% 1 Anointed One, Ba’el, Corrupt Troll, Dimetraxia, Horned Hag, Night Hag, Sea Hag, Sea Troll, Sister Ebony, Umbraxis, Yarrow
21.6% 1 Blind Guardian, Corrupt Sorceress, Merchant Prince, Sister of Shadows, Watcher
21.6% 2 Dark Master, Executioner, Hag, Shadowbeast, Sister of Nightmares
21.49% 3 Giant Toad, Remnant, Thrall

Remaining 20% is various resources. Data is based on community observation, there is no reliable official information, even in-game ads have been incorrect in the past. If you plan to open event chests, wait till the weekend for the community to find irregularities, this significantly reduces your risk of getting burned.


Old Player Team
Corrupt Troll
Blind Guardian
Sea Troll

Old Enemy Team
Anointed One

Well, whatever happens, the player team has to be better than 3 generators and a Psion lol.

… They kinda made the enemy team “strong”. 4 jank troops, but with kingdom week bonuses, they’ll do plenty of damage by Epic Trial 5 and all the player has is Magnus which does basic damage to all enemies. Anointed One is also good, but with no skull reduction, who knows what will happen.

Sister of Nightmares is going to enable Sister of Shadows to just be purely annoying.

We’ll see what happens…

P.S. You have Blind Guardian, but the enemy team has 3 Stealthy troops. Only Dimetraxia is available to be Mana Drained to explode gems.


Dark Master summons upon cast. It’s not much, but that gives the possibility for the player to throw damage sponges in the way as a mitigating attempt against skull cascades.

I’m inclined to think that some of the “strategy” is going to be getting serendipitous results out of 4-matches from Magnus’ third trait. Which probably would be more likely if (some of) the rest of the team were set up to better enable that, whether from a Troll or from a troop like Yarrow.

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Let’s address the War Elephant in the room. Are we going to be tethered to the Doomed Ring like in the previous ToD?

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If you want to gain double Dooms in the final room, then yes.


Why two consecutive jewelry/ring weapons in a row?

Why two consecutive give magic spells in a row for a TOD weapon?

Let us do some damage with the weapon…

It’s hard for me to tell how the battles will turn out, but with Magnus’s expected long time to kill for this fight paired with both Sisters hitting the last 2 player slots for ET5 damage… (Top Sister hits last 2, 2nd Sister hits the 2 weakest, which will probably be your last 2 slots unless your top slot took a huge beating while not being dead.)

Slot 2 is the only non-short clock slot to do anything.

It very well may come down to Thrall coming out instantly and spamming damage before the enemy team can fill.

I can’t say I’m excited for this, but we’ll see what happens.

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And four more similar weapons – save for the color – in the next four Towers of Doom after this one. Because that’s the schematic the developers have always followed in this area, creating six nearly-identical single-colored versions of whatever Doomed Weapon paradigm they’re running off of.

Perhaps the next iteration of Doomed weapons will include a spell that floats your boat. However, we likely have to wait through this campaign and the next two before we find out.


Thats how tower of doom works. Weapons are released by category (mostly) in every color until each color is done, then the cycle moves to a different weapon type. Its always been like that, kind of. Skull converters(mixed types), books, hammers, relic/jewelry, we just went through the doomed daggers… we’re on rings/jewelry now.

You’re just noticing now because tower isnt once every 3 months.

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This time around, they started on us on Floor 8 + 14 Dooms (and not Floor 9) and the Headstart comes with:

1 Heroism Scroll
1 Fireball Scroll
0 Luck Scroll

2 Power Scrolls
3 Magic Scrolls
4 Attack Scrolls
5 Armor Scrolls
5 Life Scrolls

7 Ice Forge Scrolls

So unless the Luck Scroll shows up on Floor 8, that sucks for the guild aspect, though Headstarters got an Orb of Forging too on the initial buy.


I’ll ask about the Luck Scrolls, we had this convo awhile back and I could’ve sworn we talked about Luck Scrolls as well.


as stated i have stopped buying

The room markers are much easier to read now, so thanks for that tweak.

Still think they’re ugly as sin, but at least they’re readable.


Ok I got a fast answer about the Luck Scrolls and the Headstart Offer:

The Scrolls included in the Tower of Doom Headstart Offer are based on the drop rates of the Scrolls (with some rounding up or down for even numbers)

For the Luck Scrolls though, there was concern there would be confusion around it because of how it directly adds scoring to the event. Which would cause a lot of bug reports about missing score or bonus score throughout the entire event as it wouldn’t add up for guilds who thought they knew how many luck scrolls everyone was getting or players who purchase it thinking they should get a higher or lower score for their purchase - just as some examples off the top of my head.

So instead we put in an extra Power Scroll for the offer, which are rarer than the Luck Scrolls, even though the Luck Scroll would probably be the preferred choice normally.

This was to make up for the fact we weren’t giving Luck Scrolls in the offer but also to help the entire guild as they add +1 to all Guild boons which will help overall to make the event a little easier for every member of the guild.

If you have feedback about this decision please start a feedback thread about it so we can easily track the discussion about it please and thank you :pray:


The scoring for tower of doom is completely bonkers already… removing (up to) 60 total score from a guild if everyone bought this pack is pure insanity imo. Giving a measly 1 stat point does literally nothing when youre on floor like 20… the score is literally a billion times better.

Also, the scoring for the middle tiers should be brought dome some as well, my guild normally clears tier 10 in every event with ease (which used to have the celestial traitstones) and we struggled to clear tier 8 last ToD, so the celestials being on tier 13 now means they are entirely out of reach and that there is almost no point to my guild playing ToD at all.


Is it just me or are others not seeing the two new troops in the troop menu? It is difficult to use, upgrade, etc. if you cannot see them.

Edit: The Hanged Man just made it into the troop list.

Note: the total troop count increased by one (should have been two,) even though neither troop is in the troop tab.

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On Xbox, I see Sea Hag and the new Doomed Weapon just fine. Upgraded Sea Hag too. I don’t have the Elite Pass+, but The Hanged Man shows up in my unowned as well.

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May have been an issue with loaded the new assets, during the degraded server performance period, at the start of the weekly reset.


Based on the last ToD issue it was stated that luck was 1 every 4 floors after 4. The issue is given you are jumped to floor 8 if you get one in the headstart you could then also get one on floor 8 which would be unfair. So either the first luck needs to be hard coded to floor 8, the headstart moved you to 9 (with 1 luck scroll) or the algo should start at floor 8 (with reward tiers scaled down due to this)

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