Tower of Doom Headstart Flash offer "feedback"

Thursday, I finally caught up to the person mapping the floors.

I think it’s “fantastic” (sarcasm) that I’m 2 Doom behind despite doing every room I could that could reward Doom score. The Luck scroll was on Floor 5.

The Guild Member leaderboard makes it look like I just got lazy and skipped a luck room.

It doesn’t matter what I think though, since my Headstart purchases were only temporary. These offers don’t “excite” me in any way, though the Orb of Forging is a good start.


The game likes to punish players for buying certain things…

It would be better to give people heroism scrolls instead of starting them at a certain level.

They could then do their luck rooms and use the scroll afterwards.

That would also help newer players as they could play the easier levels and use their scrolls when it gets tough to help out their guilds.


Same. My guild had a luck scroll on floor 6.

There isn’t too much to complain, it’s your fault if you buy crap offers

your comment means nothing if all you’re doing is complaining about others. :man_shrugging:

+1 @sylverscale

Thanks for pointing this out because new players are buying these offers. I have a member who’s at level 200 and bought the headstart.

It would be have been better for them to play the beginning floors as the difficulty gets too hard for them at later levels and they have to then use 2 sigils to defeat the enemy.

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