Wicked Witch of the Wet

Thats how tower of doom works. Weapons are released by category (mostly) in every color until each color is done, then the cycle moves to a different weapon type. Its always been like that, kind of. Skull converters(mixed types), books, hammers, relic/jewelry, we just went through the doomed daggers… we’re on rings/jewelry now.

You’re just noticing now because tower isnt once every 3 months.

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This time around, they started on us on Floor 8 + 14 Dooms (and not Floor 9) and the Headstart comes with:

1 Heroism Scroll
1 Fireball Scroll
0 Luck Scroll

2 Power Scrolls
3 Magic Scrolls
4 Attack Scrolls
5 Armor Scrolls
5 Life Scrolls

7 Ice Forge Scrolls

So unless the Luck Scroll shows up on Floor 8, that sucks for the guild aspect, though Headstarters got an Orb of Forging too on the initial buy.


I’ll ask about the Luck Scrolls, we had this convo awhile back and I could’ve sworn we talked about Luck Scrolls as well.


as stated i have stopped buying

The room markers are much easier to read now, so thanks for that tweak.

Still think they’re ugly as sin, but at least they’re readable.


Ok I got a fast answer about the Luck Scrolls and the Headstart Offer:

The Scrolls included in the Tower of Doom Headstart Offer are based on the drop rates of the Scrolls (with some rounding up or down for even numbers)

For the Luck Scrolls though, there was concern there would be confusion around it because of how it directly adds scoring to the event. Which would cause a lot of bug reports about missing score or bonus score throughout the entire event as it wouldn’t add up for guilds who thought they knew how many luck scrolls everyone was getting or players who purchase it thinking they should get a higher or lower score for their purchase - just as some examples off the top of my head.

So instead we put in an extra Power Scroll for the offer, which are rarer than the Luck Scrolls, even though the Luck Scroll would probably be the preferred choice normally.

This was to make up for the fact we weren’t giving Luck Scrolls in the offer but also to help the entire guild as they add +1 to all Guild boons which will help overall to make the event a little easier for every member of the guild.

If you have feedback about this decision please start a feedback thread about it so we can easily track the discussion about it please and thank you :pray:


The scoring for tower of doom is completely bonkers already… removing (up to) 60 total score from a guild if everyone bought this pack is pure insanity imo. Giving a measly 1 stat point does literally nothing when youre on floor like 20… the score is literally a billion times better.

Also, the scoring for the middle tiers should be brought dome some as well, my guild normally clears tier 10 in every event with ease (which used to have the celestial traitstones) and we struggled to clear tier 8 last ToD, so the celestials being on tier 13 now means they are entirely out of reach and that there is almost no point to my guild playing ToD at all.


Is it just me or are others not seeing the two new troops in the troop menu? It is difficult to use, upgrade, etc. if you cannot see them.

Edit: The Hanged Man just made it into the troop list.

Note: the total troop count increased by one (should have been two,) even though neither troop is in the troop tab.

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On Xbox, I see Sea Hag and the new Doomed Weapon just fine. Upgraded Sea Hag too. I don’t have the Elite Pass+, but The Hanged Man shows up in my unowned as well.

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May have been an issue with loaded the new assets, during the degraded server performance period, at the start of the weekly reset.


Based on the last ToD issue it was stated that luck was 1 every 4 floors after 4. The issue is given you are jumped to floor 8 if you get one in the headstart you could then also get one on floor 8 which would be unfair. So either the first luck needs to be hard coded to floor 8, the headstart moved you to 9 (with 1 luck scroll) or the algo should start at floor 8 (with reward tiers scaled down due to this)

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One or two luck scrolls for headstart buyers can be very fair


2 is literally more than what is possible, the easiest and most fair fix is to just guarantee the first luck scroll is on floor 8


Getting hit by lightning is also rarer than finding a quarter in the gutter, and still people somehow prefer the latter. For the record, a Power Scroll is considered pretty much useless due to diminishing returns. For all practical purposes it’s a tiny fraction of a stat point, most guilds actively avoid it.

Why not just rework the Headstart so that it contains Fireball/Heroism scrolls instead of all the other stuff? That essentially amounts to the same, except that players are able to pick rooms instead of having someone unfamiliar with the game decide for them.


Boons do not help the guild. If they did then there would be no reason to scout because everyone would want them. It is not unfair to give a person paying real money a Luck scroll. If they end up getting an extra at floor 8 then great they had a 25% chance and they did it. They have a 75% chance to not get it the other way after spending money. That make no sense to me. I did not buy it but just stating what is fair.


I must have a basic misunderstanding of what boons do.

How do stats not help players perform better?

I wouldn’t call the Power Scrolls useless, but I personally don’t find them worth it and I advise our guild members to skip those.

First thing is that you need to collect multiple boons per +1 stat and the necessary number increases with each subsequent stat point.
Next, when enemies have high durability and high damage output +1 stat point you would receive after collecting 10 or whatever boons does not matter - if players struggle they are much better off just using multiple sigils for a battle to increase their stats.

So, for most part only scouts will be the ones collecting boons and all other guild members following later simply ignore them as a waste of time and sigils for no substantial reward.


Thats what i thought. Does Magic not matter? I remember farming a lot for +4 Magic.

As a high level it doesn’t matter to me but some guilds/players do need that boost to finish the 25 floors. I also remember trying to help less capable guild members

I really felt the stat difference during this week’s Epic Trials. I had the most losses in a while and don’t envy those with lower stats.

Surprisingly, I won 3 of the 5 matches with a buffed Anointed One. I didn’t expect him survive long enough. The other 2 were with Thrall spam. 1 with Thrall/Magnus and the other 3 Thralls because Magnus died early one match.

(5th match with Anointed One)

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