Why is the Switch version so far behind the mobile and other consoles?

I have been playing on the Switch for over 800 days and briefly tried the Xbox version and recently started playing the mobile version. Why is the Switch so far behind??? There are at least 6 more factions available on the other versions. I stopped playing the Xbox version because it was way harder to advance in the game versus the Switch version and the cards were different between them (same card but different strengths etc). Am now playing on mobile as well, and am angry and annoyed at how far behind the Switch is on factions, gameplay (just got our first campaign), and new cards. Please update the Switch version so it is aligned with the other versions!!!

The Switch version was the last version to be created. Nintendo apparently restricts how many times they can update the game in a year, so they have to plan accordingly.

I think like once or twice they’ve updated it to match but it’ll always lag behind eventually.


I just never understood why they couldn’t h as e released the switch version up to date. :woman_shrugging:

We didn’t release Switch to be in line with our other platforms as it gave players more time to catch up on their collections. Also, it would never be able to stay in line with PC/mobile/PS4/Xbox due to the limited amount of major updates we are able to make on Nintendo Switch. This means that it is also safer to keep it an update or two behind as it is harder to make fixes on nintendo Switch due to the limited amount of updates that can be made.

I hope this makes sense, and if you want me to clarify further I will do my best.


It also would make it hard on us to get all the new troops and mythics because you can’t just open the floodgates and drop 9 months of content at once.

I started on Switch. When I realized I am going to play the game frequently… I switched to PC/mobile.