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Is it the same as other platforms

Is GoW the same on The switch as the other platforms. I am enjoying playing but find the screen a little small and wonder if I would be better on the Android platform.

Newer and “better” on Android. Download it in the Playstore. Since it’s free to play the only thing you could possibly waste is your time. :wink:

Already tried it and I think it is more suited to a 10 inch screen.
Will uninstall from switch.

Thanks for the reply.

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Switch is running version 4.2.5, which doesn’t have all of the features of 4.3 on other platforms. It doesn’t even have all of the same troops and doesn’t seem to be on the same event schedule.

We’ve asked the devs if they’re going to rectify this and the official word is “we don’t have an ETA”. Most things that don’t have an ETA haven’t been addressed in the 2 years I’ve been here, so yeah. Play on Android. Switch is the 2nd class platform and they probably only supported it because the publisher forced them to.

Nothing better than play on a 51" screen on xbox :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. When I played the first campaign started to notice huge differences between the two.
Have moved over to android.