Who flipped the "F*** You" switch?

Seriously. What the hell is going on?

In the past few days I’ve seen things that would make the pre-combo-breaker AI envious.

I laughed at players who accused the AI of cheating way back when the RNG was actually random. I tolerated the normal difficulty combo breaker. I kept my mouth shut when the devs winked and said the combo breaker code was inactive with the advent of the leaderboard.

But something has changed in the past couple days. Something has gone dearly wrong. I can see it in my defense teams’ vastly increased win rate. I can see it in the statistically impossible combos the AI has suddenly started pulling off with regularity.

Somebody screwed up. Fix this.


I have noticed a ton more skulls dropping for AI. Seems like no matter what combo i use, i end up getting at least top troop killed by skulls quickly. Seems like whatever i match if there is a skull or 2 near by, its going to get another one or 2 dropped right by it.


Its all in our imaginations lol


Maybe, but it just seems skulls are dropping a lot more, and 95% psion on top dont help lol




Is that just what they want us to think?



Lol i remember months ago bringing this up and people not on console laughed at me. I said then…“i cant wait until android/pc gets it!! And i can laugh at you all!”

Its here…almost …and im not laughing because its just not funny. I thought theyd be smart and fix it…nooooope

Android doesnt even have it yet. When they do…this board ia gonna be a flame fest. They are literally lighting their own game on fire


I disagree with the accusation but I applaud the delivery :stuck_out_tongue:


We have stated several times recently that there are tweaks being made to the PC Ai. There still haven’t been any changes made to the console AI.

We made small changes to the gem spawner algorithm to stop such consistent looping. Also, as I mentioned in another thread here it came to our attention that the combo breaker used on PC was being unfair in the favour of the player overwhelmingly.

Since changing this, PC players are now experiencing much more even RNG, with only a slight lean towards the player.

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But why tweaking the game when the patch is already released? This should have tested before…
You don’t need to do hundreds battles versus a Justice team to understand that there is something wrong…

There are 2 things, completely different: the AI (ie what the computer will do) and RNG (ie how gems are generated either by spell or “natural” drops). The main difference/issue that I observed is about RNG, not the AI (it seems that it played like in 3.0). Is there a difference between the old RNG and the new one in terms of cascade on PC?


Would this mean that it would be advantageous to fight GW battles before you ascend the PVP ranks, to maintain the “luck bonus” against the AI?

I’m sorry but without videos these Magic Cascades, Magic Skydrops and ai getting 20+ turns just don’t exist…Recall bias…Nothing to see here and its all in your heads.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :hugs: :joy:

@turintuor The AI is different in that it won’t prioritise skull matches. The combo breaker I mentioned above is concerning RNG and cascades.

@Zuboki, this shouldn’t affect Guild Wars battles.

they won’t fix it, they will give us the SAME BS line that they conducted test after test and everything was fair…and the sheep ate that answer up like candy…and now it’s happening again…there’s nothing anyone can do about it


You get a like for your sheep comment.

Lmao I’m on console. Sarcasm tag must not be working for you today hey. Sheesh

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The console AI and RNG are much fairer to both the player and the AI than PC. With the next console update, XBox One and PS4 will be getting the improved combo breaker that is currently on PC that I outlined above.


ouch, that’s rough.

but to be fair, you did give AI the first 4 match yourself, so you can’t blame it for that!


Sorry but the AI always take the skull matches… From what I understood, the skull bait should disappeared when the AI tuning will be there.

There is an huge difference between the RNG 3.0 and 3.0.5 and my problem is: why did you change it for something worst? It’s like the luck factor was multiplied by 10… I don’t remember that it happens with patch 3.0 that 6 gems of the same color can drop at the same column… It’s nice because I get more extra turn but at the same time it’s frustrating as AI always get luckier. In overall, I prefer that both of us are less lucky.

For gem spawners, give up. It’s a mechanic that cannot be balanced: it’s either too powerful and so on, AI will be able to loop (ie Justice team) or not enough and so on unreliable/useless…