Who do I contact if I have a problem in Gems of War?

Gems of War vs 505 Support
Find out how to get help in Gems of War and why we might not be able to see your request.

If you need help or encounter a problem in Gems of War, you will likely want to contact someone for help. Often players - even veteran ones - are confused because a ticket has been submitted but you haven’t heard back from us. Or perhaps you contacted support and we mentioned that we couldn’t see any record of your previous requests for help.

If you’ve encountered the above, then it’s likely that you’ve contacted 505 Games for help rather than Gems of War Support. Whilst 505 Games is our publisher, we work as separate teams and don’t track your tickets (requests) in the same system. So, whilst we work with them closely, keep in mind which team you are contacting.

There’s no specific team you should contact. Generally, 505 is your go-to for Console, whilst Gems of War Support can help you with more detailed issues that require a thorough account or problem investigation.

You can find 505 Games support here: https://support.505games.com/en/support/home
Or contact the Gems of War support team here: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Note: Both sites require an account before you can submit a ticket.


Hey Cyrup,

I have a follow-up question about how to use support correctly because I am a bit unsure what to do. I hope posting in this thread is the correct place?

I have used the GoW Support Team through your zendesk system a few times. In all cases, the issues I had were resolved and your awesome support humans ended their emails with “Lemme know if you have any more problems.”

Given that I didn’t have problems with the case anymore, I didn’t reply again. I considered writing “I’m all good now, thanks a lot for the help!” because that would have been polite, but I also didn’t want to swamp you guys with more messages. But each time, after 48 hours or so, I then also got an automated zendesk email about how my ticket is awaiting feedback.

And now I’m not sure if I’m expected to answer again, just to confirm for you people that everything’s fine on my end and to be a polite person because you really helped me out.
Or if I’m supposed to not send any unneccessary messages since I have no problems anymore and you guys told me to write back if I have more problems (with the case the ticket was about), which I don’t/didn’t have.

I don’t want to leave my tickets open and you guys hanging when all is said and done, I definitely also don’t want to be rude, but I also don’t want to give you guys extra work and tickets/replies to wade through. So, uh, what is the correct course of action?

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Hi Sheba! I’m sorry this is confusing.

Sounds like you’re getting this mail:

Support Feedback request


This means that, 48 hours ago, we hit the ‘Solve’ button on your ticket. Zendesk then automatically asks you for feedback, this ‘feedback’ is actually a rating or ‘satisfaction’ rating as we call it (Were you happy with your Support? Yes/No?). The difference is that this an inbuilt review, automatically sent, whereas the last message we send saying “respond if you have any problems” is simply our way of letting you know we’re closing the conversation.

So that automated email 48 hours later isn’t about whether or not you’re having an issue, it’s asking for a review of our support/service. I hope that is clearer?

At that point you’re definitely not annoying us, and you wouldn’t be anyway - it’s super helpful if you can leave a positive review or a (constructive) negative one.

Is there any way we can make this process better for you? Perhaps an email saying the ticket was solved? Or if the agent says “I’ll be solving the ticket now, etc…” is that enough?

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Hey Cyrup, thanks for getting back to me!
I’m still confused, sorry. Maybe I’m understanding the instructions in the email wrong.

No, I’m not. I never got that mail, that seems super-automated. What I get is this:
This is how the top of the automated email I get looks like. And I get that automated email no matter if the ticket is - from (only?) my side - resolved or not.

For example, I have another ticket (#52090) going and Kafka told me in that one to update my drivers, along with a link to an instruction. Unfortunately, my computer is not very ccoperative and I had also sent that ticket in because of a one-time crash I had, so even with the half-update I managed to do so far, I couldn’t really give any feedback yet, because… nothing crashed again. And besides that one-time crash, nothing had ever happened before that, either. But the ticket is still open and Kafka had asked me for feedback, which I want to provide once I’ve had someone over who might be able to do the rest of the updates.

The automated email I got after 48 hours about this obviously open ticket was exactly the same as the one I posted above.

Since I never got the email you linked, I suspect that means that you guys never closed a ticket on me? Opps… you guys must think I’m super-rude then. :frowning:

Heck, even with what you posted, I’m not sure if the ticket I linked in the screenshot above is now considered opened or closed from your side. Could you maybe take a look at the whole thing in your system and tell me? I’m super-willing to send Kafka another email saying that everything is great now and that I’m really grateful for the awesome help so that the ticket can then be closed for good.

I think anything like “I’ll be solving the ticket now, if you need it reopened, just reply to this email again” instead of “let me know if you have any other issues” would help indeed. That way, I would know for sure that there’s no more answer from me expected if I consider my issue resolved.

Hey Sheba, sorry for the delay,

Ok, I updated that text to say "This is an email to remind you that your help request (#ticket id) is pending. The support agent is waiting for you to respond or to share more information to help them resolve your issue.

Would that make it more clear? The title of the email is still the same.


One of our standard responses is actually the former of what you mentioned, so I’ll let the other staff know that that is helpful to players. Agents tend to say different things to close the conversation and have favourite catch phrases :slight_smile:

Generally you can check the support status of your ticket here:

On the right you’ll see if it’s “Awaiting your reply” or “Solved” once you open your “My Activities” section of the help center.

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It definitely would, yes. :slight_smile:

Oh daaang, that’s useful! The reason I never saw this before is because I always just submitted my tickets without really having an account (as in, I never got a password). I finished setting that up now and see that all my tickets except for the one updating my drivers are marked as solved. So even the ones with the email header I had shown in the screenshot above are actually marked solved and not pending, despite the email header having said that.
Which means it’s still sorta confusing and conflicting information thanks to the automated email, but at least I can check now what the real status is and not trust the automated thing.:stuck_out_tongue:

Could you send me a private message showing those emails or quote the number for one of those tickets?

That is probably because your issue has since been resolved. That email you send is relevant to the approximate time it is sent only; so if Kafka for example responded to you one week ago and you received the “pending request” email one week ago because Kafka is waiting for you to respond. The email can’t change relevant to your ticket status because it’s a sent email. It’s just an automation to inform you that you ticket is updated.

Either way, hopefully the way the “your ticket is pending” email is worded and changing the way a support agent lets you know that they are solving your ticket because they believe your problem is resolved will be helpful, as well as checking your ticket status.

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It’s 2:15am here and I’m not able to comprehend that anymore at the time of the night, but I’m sure tomorrow this will make sense to me. I still just shot you a PM with my tickets because even the most-up-to-date thing (reply from Kafka arrived today) is confusing me - it says it wants me to reply, but I dunno what to reply anymore since it was just a player report and Kafka just said it would be taken care of.

But maybe this is really just the limit of my English and me hence being very easily confused when dealing with an automated thing in a foreign language. That’s absolutely possible. Sorry for giving you such a hard time and thank you for your hard work!:slight_smile:

Your English is so good I forget it’s your first language! I got your PM. Don’t worry too much, we’ll sort it out. :ok_hand:

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