Which Troop do you Irrationally Love?

I’m having fun reading the irrational love and hate threads, so I thought I’d kick off another one.

Certain forumites are well known for their irrational love of particular troops… don’t even need to say who

This thread is for everyone else to admit their less sensible, less efficient builds just for the love of a Troop.

For the purposes of this thread, I would ask everyone to focus on troops they like irrationally, so please no posts along the lines of “I like a Troop in the current meta for all the reasons they’re in the current meta”. There are plenty of other threads to talk about rational and sensible team building. :yum:

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Tyri, serpent, goblin

I’ll kick off with mine - no surprise as I’ve admitted it before: Salamander!

The first Troop with Burn, I’ve been using it regularly in Attack and Defence since inception. I must admit I was very happy with the 1.0.9 change to Burn that made it more effective, but even without, in a Pridelands team with lots of Kingdom attack bonus, Salamander can be lots of fun.

Warm and cuddly with some sweet art - what’s not to love? :heart_eyes:

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I’m still quite new to the game so I don’t really know what the current meta is (other than Goblins galore), so apologies if any of these are meta.

Ice Witch: She was my first purple card from chests. Even with her at low levels I still included her just because… I don’t really know! She’s getting higher in levels now and actually starting to pack a punch and be useful, but that’s only just very recently.

Druid: While I’m not sure if this counts as liking irrationally, but she always seems to fit with whatever team comp I’m running, even if it doesn’t use green mana! D: Tried to stop using her when I started a new team for leveling Necromancer, but ended up putting her back in after a few games as I just missed her too much.


Dimetraxia because she the one of the first characters we designed back at the start of the game.


Can’t say my love to troops really is “irrational”, but I’d say Mercy and Infernal King.

chomper he trying to clean the world of goblins before they take over the world

My profile pic: Alastair.

When I was completing the Khetar questline, the more that was revealed about him, the more I liked him as a character. He was just… relatable, in a way. I suppose it was his sense of duty and responsibility.

His art style is great and his performance on the battlefield is super awesome as well. Loved the addition of Barrier to his spell when he got buffed.


Hm. I dunno if I have a favorite. That’s a toughie, I’ll get back to you on it.



Goblin because i loved the fact that the story gave me an awesome troop which led me to so many victories.
Serpent for being the best tank i have ever used.
And tyri for all those epicly long and fun games with many map creations.

Soothsayer! Have you ever wanted a cheap, empowered, +1 Magic team provider? Since I learned of the Sun and Moon I have, and Soothsayer 10-ups it. I love his colors, I love his appearance (been very fond of bovine for half my life, so adorable they are), and I love board control!

Which my next lovely contestant will prove perfectly.

Peasant, but only in the Arena. Any time this board control mastermind is an option, he’s first pick, even above that pesky Goblin or boney Skeleton. Peasant has the sort of board control that no other troop in the game is capable of. Examples below.

Say you see something like this:
And you have no line clearer. A measly 3 blue mana is all he asks for that +4 mana.

Or a better example! You see something like this against the side of the board:
Hate these instances! But a peasant can do the impossible and reward you this 4-match!

It’s my favorite board control troop ever for Arena! Highly recommended, once you understand how to use him. :stuck_out_tongue:


omg i see the potential now, why you do this?

I always wondered if Peasant would be useful in this sense, but hadn’t had the chance yet to try it out. Nice to know he does work as expected! (albeit only in Arena :stuck_out_tongue: ) will have to keep an eye out for him when drafting.

Shadow Dragon. Way back in 1.06 I ran a team of Gloomleaf, Gorgotha, Shadow Dragon and Crimson Bat. I created it just for the dragon. Then kingdom bonuses came in and it wasn’t viable any more. Maybe I should reconsider with all the new traits?

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Also, (in my best robot voice) Tankbot 2000!!!

Orion and Kerberos.

Both are considered as the weakest legendaries in the game. When I learned about that, I instantly build a team around Orion and Kerberos (getting him was tough).

“Stay weak and still win” is my catchphrase.

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Definitely Green Slime. Just because she is so green and so slimy :)) Always proud of her when she buffes herself like a pig and wipes out entire team!

Sunweaver. Without her buffing my Glade Warden and Valkyrie during the True Shot days; i would have never made it through this game and been drafted by Anonymous. Thank you Sunwesver and 700 trophies a week.

Keeper of Souls. My first legendary troop. His spell is just awesome.

Green Seer

isn’t she beautiful? :blush:

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