Which Troop do you Irrationally Love?

Abhorath, he was in the very first chest I opened and back then I figured everyone got a legend early to build a team around. What is not to love about a troop that can take heavy skull damage and then refresh both itself and the board. Also with the trait change this guy now scales both his health and skull damage :slight_smile:

Goblin Rocket. I love that you can decide how to change a good portion of the board and get another turn afterwards.

Green Slime.
Just the sheer potential of a troop that can have 1000 attack, 1000 life, 1000 shield, and 1000 magic.
Of course, you don’t run Green Slime in a great maw meta, so it’s on the shelf again.

I’ve always had a weak spot for Spider Queen. I think she was the first UR I dropped and I used her for a long time with great success b/c of her mana drain. She got me through a lot of the early kingdoms.

Similarly, I’m overly-fond of Summoner. When I was first learning the game I created an “OP” Marauder team with Goblin, Boar Rider, Drake Rider, and Summoner. Always felt like Summoner was my savior with the +Life and the summon.

I use Peasant when running Watcher with Arcane. (+1 magic every time a friendly troop casts a spell.)

My main love in the game is Rowanne. Just love her to death. And her recent buff was AMAZING.

Rakshanin. Being a fierce tiger and a samurai themed fighter is just a mix of things i love most, and his art is fantastic. I just love simply seeing him in my lineup in a battle, it’s a shame he is of no great use.

I would add Jarl King of Kings Firemantle, but my love for him is not irrational in any way, not loving him would be.

  • I could bet I have spent the most Time with him so far

  • 12 Mana Cost are sooooooooo sweet

  • Soooooooo flexible

  • So many awesome memories

  • A real Hoard Chief (Yaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr)


I recently started running:
Prismatic Orb

Holy cow this is powerful!

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Same about my Ragnagord that has fast trait unlocked. :slight_smile: Love him too much!

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I need more arcane lava!!!

I would have said Mercy but I think lyya already claimed her (I do like the artwork)

But I guess I’ll stay in Whitehelm and go with Moloch. He was my first Legendary and was the anchor for most of my builds for a very long time. Solid and reliable no matter what.

Lady Sapphira would be close too because insane vampire is always a fun time.


Have you tried this with Templar? Also pretty fun. Benefits are that it gives both Rowanne’s armor, is cheaper to fill, and it still feeds (by getting rid of worthless reds and converting them to yummy greens).

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i love Skeleton for some reason and have tried to work him into decks since the beginning.

I had to move away from him during the true shot erra, but I have finally got him in a deck again.


I’m going with an unsaid one and it’s Behemoth.

Too many of you undervalue him, but played right he is a huge asset.

irrational: potion master or the giant that throws axes :slight_smile:

rational: shadow-hunter (furry Kitty!) also one of the first cards i got the first time i played.

Wild Fang and Gnoll: Because they are gnolls and their arts was what caught my attention to this game.
Mercy: Because she was the first Epic i’ve got on a glory pack.


I pulled a Shadow-Hunter early as well and it was a mainstay in my Team that got me through the first 70 or so levels. Kind of an undervalued and overlooked Troop IMHO :wink:

2nd time playing took me to like lvl 500 to get it… :frowning: really good against big hp guys - specially ones that devour.

it and its smaller brother are like bone dragon, really good the higher your level

I had to remake my “Original Blue” Team once Consoles got Traits because it became much much stronger;

Adana banner (Red/Yellow)

First off, all six colors are used. Despite being a Blue-centric Team, you do not need Blue in your banner. Valkyrie will more than cover that and there are 3 Water Links.

Shadow-Hunter loses effectiveness every time you cast him (making him sacrifical later), has Agile and has a very high Attack. Perfect for a 1st Troop.

Behemoth is your back-up Tank (especially with Immense) and provides consistent damage and sleight Mana generation (great to finish off Troops missing 1 or 2 to charge).

Valkyrie is the back-bone, therefore in the safest position (third). Match Reds and Yellows with your highest priority.

Druid has the most starting combined Life/Armor, great for making a “last stand” and for taking hits by Troops that target the bottom. Thorn Whip can be devestating, especially since Druid should be relatively untouched and firing it off multiple times. Plus, Druid is a two-target Troop, so when there is one enemy left it gets double-shotted.