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Which Raid Boss Tier did you go for?

  • None
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

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I went for Tier 4. A little of everything, and new Epic to Legendary. :slight_smile:

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Do you have to buy all previous tiers?

Yeah, you have to.

I went 7 as I needed kingdom troops and just because

Dont think I will donit again

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at least yours works - xbox down

I’m still on the “Internal Error” tier. For my main account anyway. My side account is on the “entire shop is empty” tier.


I’m currently on the too busy at work and no idea what any of you talking about tier…


I’m awaiting my members to let me know what they think. Possibly 3 at a max but I really don’t mind if we don’t do any tbh. Very disappointed & I don’t see how this equates to ‘equal competition for all’? How are low level guilds expected to compete when they absolutely will not have the resources or the troops?


I’m under Android and still see “Internal error”, even after the full game reload.

I also went for Tier IV. I didn’t need any of the arcanes for Xiong Mao, so buying Tier V only really gets me the other troops and souls, and the raid boss sigils of course.

After reviewing the rewards, I’ll probably go either tier 4 or just 1 unless we are very close to a guild reward. The weapon is a collection thing with a sort of “now or never” hook (ha, get it?) to it since it stated to only appear randomly in soulforge later, but they also look pretty terrible overall so I’m not sure if I care yet.

Going all in just to get the Godslayer troops look like a very shortsighted investment depending on how far your guild is going to push and whether they will be essential to your boss kill team. If you don’t use them this week, you probably never will because bosses are restricted to the event kingdom and in order to keep pushing new godslayer troops in a rotation that means the same kingdom probably wont pop up in a raid until all kingdoms have been rotated in over a year and a half down the line. I can handle having a legendary or epic troop in my collection that doesn’t contribute to a significant kingdom boost. Yes, I know dungeon bosses also have the boss tag, but even newer players have easier access to way better, way cheaper tools to clear these most of the time.


The weapon can be forged in the soul forge.

And after this week it will disappear and only appear randomly. Also it has a 200 gems (edit: 200 diamonds actually) cost to forge in addition to 800 jewels, 2 celstials and 10k souls, when the tier reward it is at in the raid shop costs a total of 250 gems. They are leaning hard on the whole false urgency factor here to get people up to that 250 gem sink.



So far I am not seeing the value proposition. Waiting for more feedback/opnions before committing any resources.

I went to 3 or 4 out of enthusiasm this week but I think I’ll be sticking to 2 in future the gem cost is too high for to little reward. I think our guild will just shoot for getting the vault key and that will be that. Here’s hoping invasion game mode has less resource cost “to play” next week :frowning:

I get Tier 7 because I didn’t have the Legendaries. Get the 1st one Tier 6, the 2nd one Tier 7.
So I guess it’s alright…

If no new kingdom, I will certainly go for Tier 3.

Oh and you can buy another Tier 7 after buying one…

Yeah, I accidentally bought 2,damn cold meds have me all outta it. Perfect.


I went to 3 but the weapon is not very good. Should have stopped at 2 but I did get 4 boss sigils though.

I’m pretty sure this would be properly addressed by the support if you didn’t used all the sigils yet. Mistakes happen.

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I figured I’d just get more fights right?

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