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Which kingdom is next?

I know we just got merlantis BUT the game screen looks to have a Japanese themed kingdom coming up and also the leaked Transylvania looking kingdom with undead and such. anyone have any ideas?

you know, these guys From the SPOILER thread " https://community.gemsofwar.com/uploads/short-url/nZxUagMVBrEdoRD1lR3dqIGw8aH.jpg " and " https://community.gemsofwar.com/uploads/short-url/sUhVN5lPSak5PI2a6t3MuG4Qt8O.jpg "


Next Kingdom would be the Japanese style one.
All the cards from the screenshot you linked are from existing kingdom.
Just look at the background of each cards, it correspond to an existing kingdom.

I don’t know wich one you are calling “Transylvania looking”, but I bet that’s just Ghulvania.

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Chinese, not japanese…


we laotian

Does Chinese have Cherry Blossom Festival?

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While Cherry Blossoms are a significant part of Japanese culture and national identity, they’re also cultivated in China and Korea. Furthermore, the proposed kingdom name “Shetang” fits the Chinese language much more closely (and is, in fact, the name of a town in China). Of course, this has no bearing on Krysteria, where angels and unicorns regularly work alongside giant monster worms and bringers of the apocalypse. But he’s not wrong.


I almost snorted out my coffee all over the computer with that :laughing:


Japanese…the building style, the kimono, the sakura petals.

Transylvania…where the legend of Vampires started…Like having the King of all Vampires, Nosferatu.
Couldn’t see the backgrounds well.

There is no question: it will be a chinese-themed kingdom (Shentang, Penlong, Chinese dragon, etc.).
Like Urskaya which was relesead as a kingdom at the same time than the russian langage, it will be the same for this kingdom with China.

Building style, it could be also chinese.
It’s not a kimono.
Not only Japan has sakura.

I’m not gonna argue or make this a debate.

Any idea of a date for the next one?

You know, we can find a burger as well everywhere in the world, but its a symbol of usa…
It’s like you make a event of England and put a picture of French baguette. Even they are neighbor and even you can find French stuff in england, it will be a big fail…
So, after all, not a big deal. Just a game. But just have the honesty to admit the mistake. it’s “japanese” style so stop find some random excuse pls. Fail can happen to all people…

Exactly. So why will you mix chinese and japanese cultures? Aside the cherry blossoms which are commonly more well-known in Japan than China there is nothing there japanese.

Some troops from the next kingdom: Zhenniao, Monkey with a staff (Sun Wukong reference), Chinese dragon named Peng Long, Panda Urska named Xiong Mao (@Saltypatra not a good idea to name a big panda Mao…) .
Does it sound japanese to you?

Haha. I was sure you won’t admit the mistake. Have too much proud or something else? Some people talk about Sakura building etcetc, and you find a way to change subject… Sure panda is Chinese. But Sakura building etcetc are more symbol of Japan so “there is something there japanese”…
Like I show you a grey cat, and say he’s black. And when you say he’s grey, I say “there is no question, he’s black”.
Anyway not a big deal dude…

The pointy ear Asian themed kingdom was made for launching Chinese language support, just like bear ville was for Russian language.
And there is no Japanese or Korean language support. I think.

Okay, I think you’re right on the sakura and it’s a mistake from the devs to have taken this symbol somewhat japanese.
Aside nothing else is japanese. Try to look to “chinese temple” (it seems I find the original one).

I already gave any proofs that the intend of devs was a chinese kingdom (that you ignore in your previous message).

So what? You watch anime and you believe that you’re knowledgeable on japanese culture? :slight_smile:


Watching anime… Definitely not. But living in Tokyo since 3 years… Maybe…

Sorry but it’s not like your nickname was coming from one manga…
Also living in Japan, but it doesn’t make me a high knowledgeable person about japanese culture…