Wheres the Epic vault keys

Wow after seeing this screenshot just WOW. That’s the worse rewards for something so rare its impossible to get. You Devs should be ashamed of yourselves. You could at least gave something decent for all 4 gnomes not just 1. You all have lost your damn mind. What a waste of time. I’m sorry Matt that you wasted your time for that. This is completely unacceptable .


I can’t remember exactly which gnome it was from, I’m thinking it wasn’t a treasure gnome though. I was excited to have found it, until I saw the rewards. Keep in mind, those are the rewards from the hardest level too.

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Thanks for your replies, I’ve said something before about the lousy rewards on vault keys, but it’s automatically disregarded. I try not to be that guy throwing a pity party, but I just want things to change for everyone’s benefit.

I have no idea where all the hate is coming from.

5.0 you get some vault keys
5.0 you get some loot at the vault

5.1 you get some vault keys (no less than 5.0)
PLUS bonus tracker keys
PLUS 10%** get upgraded to Epic Vault Keys for free, no new/extra requirements
** (or whatever % if bugged)
5.1 when you visit the [normal] vault, you can now get 20% more loot
5.1 when you hit jackpot at the low%** chance to visit the Epic Vault, you can now get

  • 4x any loot currency, e.g. 216,000 gold more than you would in normal vault
  • or 360 gems more than in normal vault
  • or 1-2 extra orbs than in normal vault**
  • or 3 more copies of a vault troop**

** - Hope this is retained, and documentation/patch note updated

Nothing but bonuses all round. Yet the complaints police won’t stop! Yes it may be bugged - I’ll entertain that possibility, let the devs sort it out for next time. Take a step back and acknowledge that the playerbase as a whole got so many good things that I cannot help but pity the devs for all this hate. Some individuals may not have experienced the new things, or as much as they have expected, but NOBODY GOT ANY LESS. If you got 5 gnomes, you already got 1 BONUS tracker key that wasn’t there before.

To the devs, a big thank you! :vulcan_salute: :handshake: :fist_right:


I like this 3000.

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I do appreciate the new additions to the game. They’re good ideas, so thank you for creating something new that is useful and worthwhile. My annoyance with the vault event is the abundance of horrible rewards. It’s an event most players look forward to, myself included. However hour after hour of only seeing a handful of gnomes that drop prizes like 20 ultra rare ingots, 100 souls, and 2 minor traitstones, hardly make it worth wasting your time. Yes the guaranteed vault keys is a nice addition, but instead of creating something new, just fix what’s broken.


I also realize I’m wasting more time even voicing my opinion. I love this game and I just want it to be better. The 5.1 update was a large improvement and yes the devs deserve our gratitude. So thank you from a loyal paying customer. In the future please consider some of our concerns and criticisms. We all want to see this game improve more and more.


I do wonder if one of the future campaign tasks will be to use an Epic Vault Key…


no, it will be a final gold task in current campaign on a last week of campaign :stuck_out_tongue:
with a flash offer showing up to buy it for 15$ :stuck_out_tongue:

and more seriously:

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If so there will be flash offer so you can get one. I just hope the price isn’t too steep :joy:

No response from the devs yet? I just want one for the achievement. It’s very frustrating to put hours and hours into a game and not see anything. The farming data above is so disheartening.


I think it’s obvious the RNG in this game is manipulated to be “streaky”. I’m not a statistician but I know enough that these occurrences should be extremely unlikely and yet aren’t so.

-I had a delve with Irongut having 98% chance to devour and I’ve had it miss consecutively multiple times with the record being 6 times (and yes the enemy wasn’t immune to devour)

  • in the current event the enemy gluttony cast 5 times and devoured 5 times (I used skadi to summon another mab for him to eat)

-I had never received the diamonds drop from the Jewel gnome in ~8 months of playing so was always on the lookout for it. During a vault event I finally received the diamonds drop, and the following 3 jewel gnomes ALL dropped diamonds.

There’s other extremely unlikely things I’ve experienced but those are the ones that stick out to me.

For the record, got mine from a Mecha Gnome while exploring, so I guess any gnome has a chance to drop it.
EDIT: It happened AFTER the Vault weekend.


From my understanding the troops and orbs was not suppose to be stacked . So these rewards are absolute trash. The devs are in isolation and as of now have not addressed anything and probably won’t. All we want is a explanation.

Just got off the stream, Kafka has asked the team to ‘verify’ the epic vault key drop rate.


my question would be are they going to verify the normal drop rate (which is probably working as intended) or are they going to verify the drop rate that should have been occurring during the vault weekend.

The vault key drop rate doesn’t change on vault weekends. Only the gnome rate is increased. More gnomes → more vault keys, but the odds of getting a vault key from a gnome are unchanged.

Edit: I was wrong, the drop rate is different during vault events.

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We checked the drop rates for the Vault Key and Epic Drop Keys and they were correct.

I’ve passed on the feedback that the low drop rate was frustrating and it will be looked at for the future.


To be clear, does that mean the game handed out X number of total normal + epic vault keys over the weekend (not including pity keys) and 10% (or even any percentage > 5%) of those were epic vault keys? I’ll take your word for it, just reconfirming the interpretation.

that shouldn’t be the case. there’s at least 2 separate instances that mention it should be +gnomes and +key drop chances

Usually special Vault events only touch the appearance rates and ignore drop rates, but drop rates should be higher, in general