Vault Weekend: A New Gnome Appears...

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New Gnome: Mecha Gnome


A new Gnome, the Mecha Gnome. You can randomly encounter the Mecha Gnome in PvP, Quests, Explore, and everywhere else you can find gnomes. If you are able to defeat him, he will drop Ingots that can be used to temper most weapons.

Try to find him during the Gnome Vault event this weekend when chance of Gnomes and Vault Keys are doubled.


Why not the arena and the adventure boards like the other gnomes?

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I fixed it for you!


Is he available from vault keys yet? I used 24 keys (I know it’s not many) but only got a treasure gnome, pet gnome, glory gnome, Cedric and 2 Valravens.

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@Saltypatra Do we have only 2x chance to encounter gnomes this weekend? Based on your words in Vault Weekend Replacing Faction Release topic I assumed we usually have 3x chance to encounter gnomes during vault weekend.


21 keys bud.


Congrats. I’ll just have to grind out some more keys.

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Thanks. To be fair I also had 3 major orbs… And all 3 resulted in this.

So it took all the bad luck away. Lol

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I got 3 major growth but I did get a major ascension and clans so I’m happy enough with that.

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Anyone got him on PS4?

Took me one Vault Key to pull it. Wish I was joking, was hoping to use more keys lol


I know, right? I’ve been saving Vault Keys ever since I noticed there was still one color of gnome missing. There’s nothing obvious on the horizon that would require me to keep saving them. But at the same time, I always finished Final Fantasy games with 99 Phoenix Downs because I never knew if the next fight would finally be hard enough that I had to spend them.


Deed Gnomes Soon™
And bet your 99 Phoenix downs that it will come with a 90% chance to run away on cast and it’ll have every Mana color.

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26 keys and no Mecha but I can’t complain. 2 Major OoA!

I seriously doubt this. Devs have previously stated that deed availability will >not< be random. It is the reason why daily adventures are no longer rolled per player, which I still don’t like (I would strongly prefer that adventure rarity scales to player level, meaning a level 1000+ should have a higher chance for a legendary or mythic quest, as a reward for all that hard work, but in the end it is another thread).

Confirmed for PS4 :+1:


Used 44 keys and didn’t get it!! Plus gnomes seem to be hiding, barely had any and thats running explore on difficulty 2 with fast team (had about 10, maybe less)

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Thanks, got him, too - 11 Vault Keys.

39 keys. Also, got 3 major and 2 minor blues.

@Neritar that was a special one off event with a further increased chance, and is not the normal encounter rate. :slight_smile:

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