What's YOUR Order Of Importance When Leveling Up A Skill?

As for me, mine is:

  1. Magic
  2. Attack
  3. Health
  4. Armor

What about y’all?


I followed the same order as I came up through the game. It was the recommended way from quite a few long time veterans of the game. I think it still is.

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I did one of each first and then the remaining Magic. Then went back to doing one of each. A lot of folks think otherwise.

Yup it still is.

Only variation might be: if you make a lot of use of Rowanne (a powerful card easily obtained early) you might do Armour before Life.


I did the same order but concentrated on the armour because I was heavily into using rowanne and bombots at the time. I didn’t do all the armour Kingdoms first but I did concentrate more on those than the HP ones. Apart from the spell damage scaling off armour I looked at how many troops did true damage, saw there weren’t that many compared to the rest and acted accordingly.

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The generally accepted counter views (for why Life is better to increase than Armour) is that:

  • quite a few spells break Armour completely
  • Life is somewhat easier to restore if lost

To be fair the benefits are not materially different most of the time.

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Yes this is the best way to level them,
But I will make an exception if I be so lucky an have Gard´s Avatar.

In that case I probably change the last 2 order, first armor later health.

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i did magic and stop there.
and yeah generally i agree on the magic > attack > life > armor

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I also did : magic, attack, life then armor (I’m far from finished for armor btw :))

However, I found that going 4 (5 now) knigdoms at magic, then 4 at attack, makes you quite brittle/weak, you die easily.
If I had to redo it, I would go : All Attack OR all magic, THEN 4-5 life, then, back to Magic (or attack), then back to life.

Armor is weak : poison, true damage, bone dragon.
Yes armor gives damage to Rowane and boombot, but going magic will also give you damage, and going life, will make sure you have time to do your damage. My opinion :slight_smile:

I did Magic first, then 1 of each (attack, life, armour) - More so when I finally got serious I was doing two a week then three.

Personally the magic is nice, but I would have done 1/2 magic 1/2 attack since skull damage is pretty basic too.

I did Magic first to tackle the higher warlord difficulties. After that I leveled what I wanted to use. Didn’t pay much attention to Kingdom.

For a player like me who doesn’t play that much, 5 stars are a hefty milestone. Currently focusing on 3 starring everything.