What's that? The builds are submitted!


@Saltypatra @GoldPhoenix0 any updates on the approval status?


U didnt see it? Salty posted 10 minutes ago! Updates go out in an hour!


That’s funny, I didn’t see it either. Do you want to post a link to that? :smirk:


Gladly! Just as soon as i can fugure out how to link to my imagination :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anyway i don’t think they will release the update as soon they got the approvment, last update we had to wait couple days before they release it


Hi Everyone,

A quick update for you…

  1. Mobile/PC update is all approved and happening tomorrow (scheduled bout 23 hours after this post)
  2. Console Update looks to be approved and is booked to happen in 7 days’ time.


CONSOLE: Daughters of Orion
3.1 Update Stream
PC/Mobile: 3.1 Patch Notes
Im losing my patience and frustrated

Fantastic news.
Thank you!


All aboard the hype train!


Pardon me, boy, is that the Gems of War choo-choo?


Yup, it’s the Gems of War express, next stop 3.1!





I’m so excited!



Really looking forward to 4X on mobile, and cautiously hoping that no one accidentally turned on BoneStorm this time. :slight_smile:


Ok, so ~10am tomorrow morning for Aus.

Now, to count down and wait until then lol.


Countdown timer:

(Hit the three horizontal bars in the top left and then Event Time Announcer to see the time in your local timezone)


Why are you leaving us Console players out again still waiting on new land and now waiting on this :frowning:


Sirrian did say that console “looks” to be approved. So while it’s probably passed most of the major hurdles, it might still have a couple minor ones to deal with. There might also be restrictions from Sony/Microsoft preventing them from releasing them before a certain time after approval has occurred. (The term “Booked” is my reasoning for this thinking)


Thank you for a reply any news on the new land :wink:


Console should be getting Urskaya with this update I believe: