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3.1 update verdict?

So i know it only been one day but i am curious to see what pc and mobile people think about this new update. So feel free to let us know what you like ?and what you doesn’t like and what would you do to make it better?

Personally i am sad i need to wait next week to get it and i am excited about the dungeon mode but again… only 3 battles per day seem very low i would like much more. I also think we should have more way to win diamond and jewels cause even for me who play alot, it will take eternity just to be able to craft a mythic troops so i can’t imagine how hard it will be for someone who start the game today.

Correct me if i am wrong but i think the new people will quit the game a soon they will realise it will take for them more then 2 years to collect enough souls and ressources to craft what they want and only the hardcore players will be left.

Anyway i am little nervous about the future of the game and would like to know what everyone think about it?


I am fine with the crafting itself, I think the Devs put a lot of work and effort into it, and it looks really fresh and new. The design is very well made. I expected that Crafting would be more like a game of patience than anything else, and it truly is. But such things sometimes is still a little rough to get it in the face when you see it at first.

What was a little upsetting for me was that they reduced the amount of gems we can get from the tasks.


Crafting looks like I won’t get as much out of it as I thought, so probably a flop for me. Speed buff I don’t like so much either.

Troop changes etc are good though!

Dungeons, good but have been easy to win. Would like to see difficulty apply to get enable more rewards.


Hindsight is always 20/20.

I wanted this update so badly especially hoping it improves the Justice League but now to hear that it is a problem on pc/mobile is very concerning to me.

Not only that knowing the amount of time that will now be needed to craft a mythic troop seems a bit excessive. For me it won’t be a problem as I have saved my resources but I have to imagine for a new player that this is very overwhelming and may scare potential players away.

The legendary tasks I think we are going to have to work with the devs on a compromise as I can see a lot of endgame players leaving the game over this. We as endgame players need to know our time investing in our guild is worth our time and the members time, this doesn’t sound like it is. Now I may not have all the facts yet but this is just the consensus of what I have read so far.

Last but not least as much as it pains me to say this I actually would prefer the console release of 3.1 now be delayed, so that it can be improved to something that both the players and the devs are happy with.

Please heed the advice of the player base and take everything to heart really listen to what they want and work to meet a middle ground.

Just my two cents.



I feel exactly the same, i had lot of hope in the crafting system and i realise you still got better chance to catch the mythic in the exclusive week then try to craft them.

The soulforge is totally the last resort if you are missing a mythic you really want


I think they want their game to fail so they can cash out and we can all move towards better games, I myself have my eyes on a few other new releases so i might be out of here as well.


On the whole, I would be happier with the update if I could actually play more than a few battles before my phone crashes.

On the plus side, having all platforms unified means we’ll hopefully get some faster turnaround on new features going forward. The last 12 months were a bunch of infrastructure churn for the team as they had to migrate hosts, backends, and merge three clients together into one. They’ve rebuilt the game for more agile deployment of content and I hope it pays off for them in the months to come.


Yeah exactly my thoughts Ricky. I’ve got about 1,000,000 Souls if I disenchant and I’m only missing Gard’s Avatar at this point.

But it appears that even with crafting I still only get a random chance at getting a the mythic I want when crafting?

Currently I generate enough gems a month to open roughly 100VIP keys in the exclusive period, maybe a bit less. The task reduction won’t get me to play more (time is finite! :sunglasses:, and I won’t be spending anymore cash at this stage) But will require me to lean on crafting if I want to get the troops. And as above the crafting doesn’t look like a very palatable option at this stage. :thinking: So will need to check Spider thread and decide what Mythics I really want to chase! Previously I have skipped Stonehammer and then lucked him with event keys, phew. But can’t rely on that!

I am also having the same issues as @Lyya, even just switching to the web browser or iTunes can cause a crash to black screen/home.


I don’t mind the update at all. I think a lot of people expected the crafting system to be an easy ticket to a Mythic troop. But that was never going to be how it works. Nothing will kill this game quicker than if everyone suddenly has every Mythic overnight and it’s a level playing field. I see myself using crafting mostly for traitstones which cost resources but aren’t exorbitant.
The Dungeon IMO is nothing new and is too easy. It’s just another PVP match as far as I’m concerned.
The graphics improvements etc are nice incl the speed upgrade. Runs fine on my S7.


I assume you’ve already tried this but just in case…

Yeah, it helps, but the game still eventually crashes, setting or no.

I am completely whelmed

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I hope they re-think the Gems nerf on the guild tasks. As a VIP player (my choice i know) i use the gems for VIP chests.

I would also rather wait for the console release so they can fix the NEW impervious glitch! Getting munched when you should not be is not going to be fun. If that glitch is in the console release? I bet it is.

Other than that and the rng from the dungeons being a scam, i feel they have worked very very hard to give us new modes and toys :+1:

We have new ways to play that we did not have before.


Three forced explores daily that give diddly for rewards and are over in five minutes. Counter balanced with a cockatrice that can loop itself until the rooster crows. Raw materials should be rare, but this is a joke. Add the gem nerf on the top and you are putting the cherry on ice cream.


I guess it seems like the naysayers assumed you’d be able to craft a mythic super fast and get lots of them. I never expected that so I feel like my perspective is quite different and I mostly appreciate what we’ve got.

My biggest concern is the dungeons are underwhelming. If they buff at least the final fight them I’m pretty happy. I’ll be getting a few extra troops (of a somewhat targeted nature) a week, a few targeted arcanes a week, and a targeted mythic every few months. That feels like a win to me. Buffing the summoning stones would really take me over the top.

Honestly, 3 battles/day for a couple of months to get a free targeted mythic feels pretty good to me. Sure beats dropping thousands of gems to never get a mythic!


That is assuming the guild task nerf wasn’t considered when balancing the resource gain of adding the forge. Otherwise, this just cost you hundreds or thousands of Gems a month, which would have averaged out to at least a targeted Mythic every couple of months.


Couple months? I feel more like 5-6 months would be more accurate

You need 4000 diamond base on RNG so that mean you still can get 0 diamond after 6 battle


Will need to examine the new guild task data when it comes in next week to see where I stand on being able to move toward a full collection and hold it through each new release after being stuck just missing a few mythics versus potentially backsliding away from a full collection each month compared to what I was doing before. Many of us stuck at this point viewed this update as the potential to finally bridge the gap and finally move forward again. I don’t care if forward progress is somewhat slow, so long as it is actually forward progress and not some fancy shuffling that has us moving in the other direction when the dust settles. I would also prefer if the progress in some way affected by doing something in game that specifically facilitated it instead of activity hooks which make the whole practice pretty much just waiting.


I think the fat lady might of hummed a few bars.

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I think i missed it what is the glitch?