What will be the next Mythics?

So as far as we know there are the 3 not-already-released Mythics:

  • Yasmine’s Chosen coming this week
  • Doomclaw coming next month
  • Xathenos coming one day, Apocalypse troop for the moment (I really hope he will go to Darkstone/Karakoth)

And two colors remain (we don’t have Xathenos’s colors):

  • Green/Red/Yellow
  • Yellow/Purple/Brown

For the kingdoms:

But what will we get afterwards?

My predictions are:

  • november: Xathenos, Yellow/Purple/Brown troop, Darkstone
  • december: Phoenix, Green/Red/Yellow troop, Suncrest

The data suggested at one time that another Mythic troop will be “The Wild Hunt”, out of Dominion Fields:

Technically, Xathenos is currently marked as Red/Purple/Brown, but I would take that with a large grain of salt, as the troop is clearly unfinished.

Apprently, it’s also the name of Orion’s spell.
And it seems according to the quests that “Wild Hunt” is more an event than a troop.
Could Wild Hunt was the previous name of Artema?

Devs seems to release all the different combinaison of 3 colors so Xathenos could be released next year.
Or his colors are going to be modified.
Or he will come as a surprise with the next update and only available through Crafting…

There are also these posts: (!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1) - #2040 by yonizaf & (!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1) - #2043 by Kurokazna
The remaining gods:

  • Anu → Leonis Empire because of Khorvash’s namespell
  • Orpheus → Leonis Empire because of Devoted’s namespell
  • “Emperor Khorvash claims the mandate of the God Anu as he rules his desert kingdom.” → so it seems it will be ANu for Leonis Empire
  • Morthani & Nysha: both seems to be connected to skulls so Khetar… Maybe Karakoth…
  • and extra Pan → Pan’s Vale as said @yonizaf
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Mmmmmmm one of the upcoming mythics is a beautiful, beautiful man. Does that count as a spoiler?


is it @ozball ?


It’s a centrefold of @Sirrian.



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Does his name appear in the list that we found?

Does Thrall not already a centrefold of @Sirrian (no insult, just the only bald human troop)?

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The Eye of Xathenos is Blue/Purple and the Hand of Xathenos is Blue, so I’d guess that Xathenos is Blue/Purple/??? (distributed amongst Arcanes as Blue/Purple + Blue/???).

That doesn’t work for Yasmine: her Chalice is Green/Yellow and the Mythic is not Yellow at all.

Sure, but if I’m taking a blind shot in the dark, that’s still where I’ll start. ;p

Plus the dude’s various body parts are a better indicator of his typing than a cup he used to hold! Yeah, that’s the reason! /handwave

I’ve seen the picture of Xathenos. If he’s who you’re referring to, I must question your ideas of beauty.

And you don’t share? :stuck_out_tongue:

Alas, I am bound by honor (and an informal NDA). Bug Saltypatra, and see if she’ll give you a peek.

So devs can do it for their beta but not for that?

So it’s coming soon?

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@turintuor they are not even similar in terms of an NDA. The legal issues of design a troop concern the player’s intellectual property, the beta test is concerning ours. Big difference, we already own ours and can’t get in trouble for using our own intellectual property.


I just try to get some of your attention on this project :slight_smile: .

Not who @Saltypatra is referring to