What should be done with Dragon's Eye?

What do you think should be done with Dragon’s Eye?

  • Do nothing
  • Increase the Mana Cost
  • Reduce the % chance of success
  • Doesn’t affect troops with Impervious Trait
  • Baby Dragon starts with full Mana
  • Works only on non-Dragons
  • Can only be cast once
  • Other (comment below)

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I’m one of the people who finds Dragon’s Eye intensely frustrating, to the extent that, wherever possible, I will do my best to avoid it, eg in PvP by spending Gems to refresh the list until a non-DE team turns up rather than bashing my head against a brick wall as I see my Troops repeatedly turned back into Baby Dragons just as I get to the point of being able to do something.

Yes, it’s possible to create teams that have a good chance of beating it eg this one has a reasonable chance of success provided you have the right troops available (remember not everyone is an end-gamer…)

Rope Dart (TItan class for 50% starting mana)
Dracos 1337

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But the fact remains that it’s way overpowered and undercosted, so, rather than just continuing the the current thread which is descending into a slanging match, let’s see what people would like done to it.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to keep discussing Dragon’s Eye, do that in the existing thread, comments here should only be for alternative or “Other” options for the poll.

Thank you.


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As my suggestion in the Dragon Eye thread…

Remove the ability to destroy gems from the weapon

The reason i argue this is

• One troop transformation is easily doable for a win but cascades created by destruction of gems (self fill, Deep Borer or Gimlet Stormbrew) can result in 2 or 3 transforms in 1 turn which ruins the match too easily.

• Destroying gems from a players side comes at a big risk in delves at higher levels (i had more troops die from incorrect skull placements than extra turns)

I’m hoping this is an option that works as a compromise for both parties since the latter can rather be beneficial to Dragon Eye users in delve as well (with the same experience as me :smiley:)


Do nothing!


Dont like it? Dont fight it. Problem solved.

I voted for ‘do nothing to impervious’ but I think having the Baby Dragon start with full mana is another one that’d be a reasonable push in dealing with it.

However, it looks like reducing or removing the gems destroyed is the biggest thing, because the real problems ensue when the weapon just transformed 2-3 troops in one turn as Fiara’s said.

Turn that into … a life gain or something. Hell, even a life gain for the whole team would be better (though maybe that would have to be half magic or non-scaling or something).


I choose 1-time use. Easy solution.

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Other - Revert it to what it was, pre-nerf.


Other: Exclude hero altogether from pvp defense

Also for summoning bandits/spiders, especially when we can tie the hero class to a team.

Great solution, it would be a good weapon for the delves. /s

Increase mana cost to 25 and/or have it summon a level 500 Baby Dragon. Are you sure you want to face scaly Baby Huey?

mana cost 100 spell changed to cast once turns whole enemy team to baby dragons xD


I voted for adding it to Impervious. Not sure that’s the best place for it, but I do feel that adding transform immunity to some playable troops is the right choice, rather than a direct nerf.

Other: change to: « transform a random troop into a baby dragon unless there is already a baby dragon enemy. »

So you can only transform one at a time.
You can use the weapon for explosion.

I would skip the battle if it is giving you so much of a problem. I beat it nearly evert time and skip it because it takes forever but I do not want it NERFED again because delve is already too time consuming even with it and without it beating level 500 be next to impossible.


Not a lot of things but as I already wrote in another thread, Dragon eye should not be able to target troops with Stealth trait. To have a counter with Stealth troops will add more strategy options to the game.
Also 17 mana in place of 15 seems fair.

About Impervious protecting against transform, it might be too much imo. Probably the death of Dragon eye.

I didn’t vote at all because I don’t think any one nerf by itself is a good solution.

Practically everyone likes using DE on offense. A lot of people don’t like it on defense, and the other people don’t care.

So the answer has to be one that maintains its hijinks on offense but makes it less of a bother to fight on defense. What’s missing from the voting is the teams that make it not fun are teams that use summon-on-death talents like Backup and/or barrier traits like Rock Solid to make it very difficult to deal with the hero quickly.

Those talents/traits are actually more powerful than DE, in my opinion, and if we nerf DE alone people are going to find the next-best weapon to put on a team that is just as not fun to beat. I think we’re trying to nerf the wrong thing when we focus on DE. The team is the problem, not the weapon.

So the kind of nerf we need is like what happened to Divines: several troops were adjusted simultaneously and explosion mechanics were tweaked. This ensured that future Divine troops wouldn’t recreate the same problem.

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Change nothing but add that he will also transform himself into a random dragon/baby dragon.

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I voted Other.

When using transform, the troop should either come in using these rules.

  1. In Arena the troop comes in at level 15, no traits.
  2. If you own the troop, the troop is coming in with it’s ascenion/level/traits.
  3. If you don’t own the troop, it comes in at half level.

Yes sometimes it will loop and take out a whole team. It happens. Same with Flammifer/Yao Guai/Queen Titania/Tai-Pan. There are teams that can wipe you on turn one if they get a good board.

Lets work barrier against it and i’m okay with it

Have it change an opponent, and a 50% chance to transform YOURSELF into a baby dragon, as well.