Exclude hero altogether from pvp defense

I was going to rant for the first time on a forum, but I think it is quite an obvious problem for everyone to enjoy the best and oldest part of this game.
Get the fun and creativity back to pvp defend teams, not just pure annoyance.
If you can change dawnbringer in arena to a random* weapon, you can do the same thing for pvp.


But… Many strategies are centered around the hero+talents+weapon. If there is one build more annoying than others things should be reviewed, but removing the hero or randomizing the weapons will only cause a huge loss on potential challenging experiences on PVP.

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…lmao…that is all


I am convinced that 90% of teams including hero in 3 trophy pvp battles are there just to be annoying and to make the battle last for 5+ minutes. I stopped playing against any of those teams because it’s more efficient to play 5 other battles in that time, but I don’t think a skip should be a good solution for (to me) an obvious problem.


Honestly the problem is bigger than the hero. We had cruddy troll PvP defenses before heroes. Seriously, before champion talents the only things I ever faced were whatever Queen Mab team was about to get nerfed or 4x Fire Bomb.

A problem is the game relies heavily on luck. Cascades, free turns, random gem generation, explosion, these are just some of the mechanics we unleash on turn 1. I often get to kill an AI team before it makes a move. It turns out it’s really hard to win a game of GoW if you go second.

Another problem is winning or losing on defense doesn’t really matter. If you lose all your defense matches, you get extra Rivals or whatever and by the end of the week you’re swimming in like, 100k extra gold. Joy. If you win all your defense matches, you get some extra PvP points that only matter to about 110 people every week.

Another problem is most troops are filler. It’s hard to be creative with PvP teams if there’s only 20-30 troops that are exceptional at what they do. This gets better over time, but to some extent when you ask for “more creativity” and “challenge” you’re asking people to squeeze blood from a turnip.

But really it’s that luck factor that permeates all the harder problems in the game. If the game had no free turns, then maybe you wouldn’t lose in 1 turn to a YG team that casts 4 times in a row. You’d lose to a YG team that casts 4 times in a row over 4 turns, but you’d get a chance to make moves in between and you’d feel like you got to do something.

I feel deep in my heart every single team we complain is too strong would feel much better in a game without free turns. I’d rather remove that than take one of the few things that actually shakes up PvP out.

And I say all this despite being immensely frustrated and agreeing with many of the points here. There are a lot of stupid Hero configurations that make every match require killing 8+ troops before you can even hit the hero. It’s a pain in the butt and I encourage everyone to make that their defense because the devs do respond if something dominates.

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Well, i said potential to be very neutral about the matter in question.
I don’t like PVP, it’s been three weeks already that i don’t play unless there is a Weekly Event demanding PVP kills and such. But, it’s not impossible that some people actually enjoy their experiences in this gamemode as newish players have a a fairly different perspective.

But what you are asking is basically to sever the whole arm/leg/ over an injury on the fingernail…

I have no problem with losing battles or just retreating when I see that there is no chance to win. W/L is none of my concern.
And yes I am suggesting a “rip the bandaid off” solution rather than suggesting nerfs or changes to 9 different talent trees AND WEAPONS that some people might like to use in regular battles and build strategy around while using them in every part of the game.

But that’s exactly the problem, the game never reached a perfect inbalance in a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” way, it’s more like “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Ivan-the-ex-KGB-operative-with-two-Avtomát-Kaláshnikova” kind of balance…

We are miles away from achieving a better power distribution that would bring more diversified experiences not only for PVP.

For just 1 Gem, you can refresh the selection of available battles to a new 3.

Just saying.

Oh you poor poor man.
Hero is going to be even more popular after 4.3 or 4.4 comes out. When players can set heros on defense without it effecting their offense.


we gonna pray to see a bone dragon or a famine… hell even a freakin yao guai :smiley:

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They should remove things that are totally anti-fun - thinking about Bandits here - but if there’s no challenge then we have no reason to play.


i dont see any challenge in the game rng making the ai win is not a challenge its a forced loss,i myself just play to grind so the easier the battles the better xD


While there’s plenty of troops that summon, transform, mana drain, or swap order, you can make a much more annoying team if you use the hero.

Also the hero and weapon aren’t shown on the 3 cards when choosing for PVP, so it’s more difficult to avoid than avoiding a troop.

If heroes are allowed in GW but not PVP, then there would be more variety in the game. Especially after changes are made to allow heroes to be tied to teams. We would face the strongest teams in GW, and the strongest teams that can be made without the hero in PVP. I’d expect those teams to be quite different, depending on the current meta.

I like the PVP-fireball team nerf, giving us more variety in enemy teams. But it was also a gold farming nerf. Removing the hero would undo that a little bit. If that isn’t acceptable, the gold amount could be reduced.

Or if removing the hero from defense makes PVP too easy, that could be fixed in a few ways. Remove it from offense too, or let the enemy go first half the time. Maybe give extra reward when winning against a team that goes first, but less when the player goes first. Then you could let the player choose who goes first.