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What is the next new kingdom?

lets guess is it a new brand kingdom,or old special kingdom(likely Guardians or primal) increase troop numbers?
i guess Apocalypse now stand a bigger chance. :grin:

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I seem to recall an official post a few weeks ago saying there are no plans to ever make the special kingdoms (Guardians, Apocalypse, Vault, Primal) available to players. They already have a place on the map, they only exist for development purposes though.


yes,you’re right. But I found evidence from the game files,i can’t show you the evidence for some reason. of course ,maybe I’m wrong. but I will insist on my view. :grin:

The new Kingdom is Divinia, home of the Divines. The only troops will be Divines, and the weapon will be like Dawnbringer only boosted by Divines. It will come with a new hero class that makes the hero a Divine and lets all Divines start the batlte with 75% mana and enchants them every turn.


Maybe the new kingdom is one where people can shoehorn their off-topic nerf requests in, in an attempt to derail the discussion?

Anyway, I also think it’s unlikely we’ll ever see an Apocalypse or Primal kingdom just because generally the game moves forward and the Devs don’t tend to revisit such things.


That’s the kingdom named “Divergence” and its troops’ abilities are related to opening other applications/games on your device.

A less snarky answer is:

We only know what’s coming as far out as the spoiler data tells us. We knew Dhrak-Zum was coming when troops related to it appeared in that data. It tends to be released in 3-month chunks. The current spoiler data lets us see through August, but nothing indicates a new kingdom.

The devs could do something sneaky and drop a new kingdom as a new data update, but as far as I know they don’t do that and it’s probably complex enough on their end it isn’t worth doing. There may not be enough separation between beta/released clients to make that possible AND do beta testing.

The only other way we could know about it is if they told us about it in a stream, but we haven’t had information about a (plausible) new kingdom yet. It’s most characteristic for the devs to keep their mouth shut until about 2 weeks from release, and we’ve usually seen the troops they spoil in the data before they do that.

Some people are assuming that Vault, Apocalypse, and Primal will be released. It’s based on a Salty stream a couple of months ago where she scrolled to a corner of the map and those kingdoms were visible.

I don’t think that theory is plausible. The explanation we got was, “the dev client does some weird things like that and it has nothing to do with future kingdoms.” There’s probably a reason the client has those kingdoms there, but I bet if we could talk Salty into tapping them they’d lead to some kind of interesting debug menu rather than a bunch of unannounced troops. But a weird thing about rumors is they don’t die, even if debunked by the people who know whether they are true. There are still people who think we never landed on the moon, even though the missions left artifacts you can observe with the proper instruments.

So. TL;DR:

  • We have no data that indicates information about the next kingdom.
  • We don’t have any reason to doubt the statement that the kingdoms we saw on Salty’s client were anything but markers of a debug/beta client.
  • There should definitely be a fast-food kingdom.
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I think they should make Ketras an exploder because Infernus does too little damage and if Ketras could explode, enchant and cleanse, and Uba could start with 100% mana I’d be more lenient in my bitching about cash shops.

Actually, all Divines should start with 200% mana and barrier, but only for the player.

This part already exists in the form of the Priest class :stuck_out_tongue:

Also re the kingdoms seen on Salty’s stream, they are there for dev purposes, and aren’t indicative of new kingdoms.


Obviously, to keep GoW popular, the next kingdom will be a bunny kingdom and all troops will be adorable bunnies. Not Lapinas, but bunnies.

Because seriously, we have a kingdom of bears, one of birds, then a kingdom of all types of cats, we have several elven kingdoms, two dwarven kingdoms… I don’t see how bears, birds and cats deserve their own kingdoms and bunnies do not. Also clearly too many elves and dwarves. Game needs more bunnies.

Everything else just can’t be true.


well,I known that my conception is completely wrong now. maybe those new “Apocalypse” troops represents new event in future. :sweat_smile:

Which new Apocalypse troops are you talking about? :slight_smile:

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New kingdom could be on a new map. Underground world would follow quest line of last kingdom.


Wait a minute. :thinking:

We are talking about the Apocalypse kingdom?:sweat_smile:
One that already have 4 mythics?:sunglasses:

It is very powerfull already with the 4 horseman, doesn´t seem equal to the others kingdoms, just like the imps one, so many legendary there. They need to rebalance all kingdoms troops or we will have some Mega Kingdoms with high rarity troops.


maybe they’re not from “Apocalypse”. The reason I say that is i notice they and famine Have the same background pic. so its just my guess. :blush:

Who are “they”? New spoilers to share with us :wink: ?

sorry,i was not authorized to share them here. because Confidentiality agreement. :slightly_frowning_face:

All I can say is that they’re so scary in their appearances


So “I have a secret but I’m not allowed to tell you” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: is what you’re saying?

Next time, maybe just don’t do that?


I don’t know what the name will be or the troops.

But I’m betting it’ll be released on 8/24/18.

Apocalypse has 5 Mythics… Good old Xathenos is the “fifth” horseman.