What causes the This game may have ended message?

This is one of those messages that needs to be reworded because it is super vague and doesn’t explain why the system just cheated me out of 5000+ gold along with everything else that was going to be given to me after the battle?

Getting this message once and I’d be willing to blow it off, however this is probably the 10th time I’ve seen in several months. So its really getting annoying to watch a battle end and be given a bullshit replay such as this. Its almost as bad as Kindom doesn’t match error.

The issue is already being looked into, but the cause is not known, yet.

However, the strict way you put it doesn’t help the developers, neither it motivates them nor helps the cause.

Saying you are being cheated is rude, if you ask me.
The developers gave you a game you can enjoy for free and the least you could do is to help them resolve the matter you complain about.

What were the conditions of the crash? What were you doing before and during the match? When did it happen?
Also, there is an official thread made about it. Try posting your findings there.


I understand your frustration, but your tone and attitude won’t help matters.

Please try and stay respectful. This is a rare online community where most are civil. Swearing and being rude will get you banned.


I completely understand and from time to time like to vent.

The following is not a threat, just an observance.

I might make one suggestion and this one is pointed towards the forum Admin. The TOS, is very clear, however having a FAQ with additional rules that do not appear in the TOS can be construed and by using JAMS can cause considerable pain and embarassement. Just one forum Admin to another.

I can’t exactly answer your question, but I can give some background.

The game talks to the server when you start a round and when you finish. The battle is solely on the client.

The servers need “keys” to remember what battle is what. Because of pc/mobile potential cheating through hacking tools, there has to be security with these “keys”. Its, ummm, buggy. But you already knew that lol.

When starting the match, I suspect under relatively rare circumstances the client fails to pass the key to the server, but the match starts anyways.

It sucks, I know. But it’s a hard bug to track down and fix.