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What about a series, troops, spells, or traits that is around mental health?

Hello. I had this idea for quite some time. So what if there was process in the nature of mental health or how whatever it becomes first…For example…ADHD there is a spell 50% 5x increased damage for x amount of turns(Hyper focused side) or a 50% miss(Loss of focus). The aspects in how they are used must effect the individual item, it effects the allies, enemies, or random positive or negative effects.

P.S. There is probably whole bunch of mistakes of spelling, grammar, or wording because I am more focused on wanting to play Gems of War on the PS4 so AD (Attention Deficit) of ADHD is kicking my unfocused butt…This perfect example of my idea.

How I am effected?: How my idea is being presented…Most like terrible
How others are effect?: Confused and lost at trying to understand my point of view.
What effect did I left with my audience?: They either loved or hate the idea.

Oh…I do struggle with mental health myself and I am not afraid to talk about it.

*Anything thing about mental health
*Where did the idea come from
*(I can see people most likely asking.)Why did you make this topic so everyone can see it and think your weird or “Beeped up?”

I am open book please don’t be shy on asking if you got a question…I have dealt with a lot and currently struggling myself to stay strong myself…Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Zachary P. Weigle

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Hi and welcome to the forums!

i don’t think mental health is something we should play with… :stuck_out_tongue:
plus whenever the lesser 50% hits you (miss) i believe won’t be good for anyone’s mental state…!

however i like the idea of hyperfocused activity so that’s definitely something to explore. probably a one cast only spell and potentially OP in the currect powercreep state of the game!

ps: you are definitely not a weirdo…there are many of us out there! :grinning:

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We already have Mongo who does random things. And a good % of troops don’t do what their text claims they do.


I was going for more of an awareness instead of making fun it…That’s the last thing I want to do is to make fun of it. It would be cool if they made a series inspired by mental health then put somewhere on the card “Inspired by Mental Awareness” or something like that.

My idea was more of collectors cards because some of them will have ALL negative spells. So what if there were a set that and has combinations that offers different effects positive or negative “Combination Effects”. So people can relate.

I sent this idea to Support not knowing to come here instead but I have a example since I deal with Schizoaffective Disorder myself I am not diagnosed on which type(Possibly leaning towards mixed type which is both of Depressive and Bipolar types). This is how it messes with my head. Every time I have to make decision. First I need to think through 3 important things.

How will it impact others
How will it impact me
How will it impact my parents(Since I live with them still.)

After that I then decide on is the idea worth it and to following through or not(My Social Worker has related my thinking to what is called “Thoughts are things”)? If I do follow through I have deal with a heckle in head for example I want to meet someone from online dating(If I worked up the courage to follow through.) “So how many times did you get shot down and burned…again? So what makes this SO special? I be right back I want to get some popcorn to watch this go up in flames yet again…as I laugh at you.”. Then usually my emotions, thoughts, reality, etc is thrown into chaos so this the spell I thought of from it that example.

Spell Name: Shattered Reality
Spell Description: All troops in your troop line up and your enemies line up becomes black with a “?”. You will be unable to tell who is friend or foe. Pick ONE target to instantly kill. The follow three effects will happen.

If you picked an ENEMY: You devour them instantly and gain double or triple their Armor, Attack, Health(In my realty…I hit a vivid emotional state because I got tired of it and attacked with it instead.).

If you picked ALLY: You become enraged and 3-5 random enemies or allies(Including yourself.) will be damaged with double of my attack(In my reality…I lashed out at people who I cared for or people who cared for me and become emotional angry/enraged, self hating, and sometimes I lash out again because I hear things in my head like "No wonder you don’t have friends. Who wants to have a relationship with man who can’t control his emotions. What happens if you have a wife and child huh? You should of stayed in the hospital where you belong you FREAK!(Was hospitalized for a week for server Depression)…that cycle may repeat for a bit until I calm down…I hate this side most about me.).

If you picked YOURSELF: You instantly die as you infect your allies with all negative effects(In my reality…I lost all emotions and empathy all together for a period of time. I would feel like I was possessed by something or warped into something that wasn’t me. I start saying intensive things hurting others and maybe inflicted with consequences on how I impacted them. Think of it like your slowly dying but your mental state is very dark.).

To be honest I thought that Mongo or other troops like him were not exciting and not strategically a good idea.

Troops that are not predictable aren’t good. That’s my point.


True…But the ones who transform gems can be to if you are not paying attention to the placement of those said gems can make a huge payoff…Actually now that I think about it…Yes predictable is great in some areas but a horrible idea in others.

Interesting ideas and anything that promotes awareness of mental health issues in gaming (or elsewhere) should be commended and encouraged. That’s why Hellblade is such a phenomenal experience; groundbreaking game design and extremely enlightening with regard to those afflicted by psychosis. It’s free on game pass and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Indeed Hellblade 2 is set for release with the new xbox series x. Check out the awesome trailer on YouTube. :open_mouth:

I am confused…are you advertising, giving relevant feedback, or what?

I am supporting the idea of promoting awareness of mental health issues via the medium of gaming. I am not advertising but the game I mentioned does more to raise such awareness than a match 3 game ever could. Good luck with your troop design suggestions; I hope the devs will give you encouraging feedback.

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Oh. Thank you. I was just really confused.

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Oh I forgot to mention that if anyone wants to join a guild mine is always available…The Conquers

As much as the intent seems noble I can easily see it being twisted by the public if said troops will underperform. “Damn, this troops sucks because it’s ______!”

With that being said: The devs could certainly code the game to have “modal spells”. Something like chosing between two gem colors to decide the effect.
Choose a Red or Yellow gem for the following effects:

  • Red Gem: All allies gain Enraged.
  • Yellow Gem: All allies gain Barrier.

It’s honestly baffling that they never used this, always relying on poor RNG effects like random explosions, gem generation, devour, hitting the wrong target…


…That’s way beyond me…I was just putting it out there for a fun idea…Now I regret it and now depressed.

Wild Plains Gnolls have a 50% chance to hit the wrong Enemy. Loss of focus indeed.

A big amount of troops already hit random targets.

Leshy causes entangle to allies and enemies.

Book of Secrets can status effects on all enemies or allies, among other random effects.

The Faerie Fire status effect increases damage taken for as long as it lasts.

The idea was to spread awareness for mental health…Not to freaking nit pick at every freaking detail.

Does any one not know how mental health has so much stigma around the topic?

Ok, let’s take a step back and review how suggestions work:

  • You can make your suggestion in two ways:
    • Via Private Message directly to the developers.
    • Posting in the public Forums.

If you chose to post in the public forums a lot of things can happen and among such:

  • People can disagree with your points.
  • People can try to help your suggestion with more suggestions.

It doesn’t mean anyone here is doing anything in bad faith to upset you, despite of what you believe…


Well thought out, constructive criticism from long-time forum members just trying to engage with your topic of conversation is not “nit-picking.”

It is a legitimate stance to take that straight-up labelling troops with “mental health” status might be ripe for parody and derision from the playerbase rather than be advocacy or awareness-making on the part of the game/devs. Such comments point to the appropriateness of having the match-3 game be the platform for this sort of request.

Idle’s comments are similar, but the pushback (if one can call it that) there is with game mechanics, rather than the social-justice of it all. The guy rightly points out that a lot of what you’re requesting is already in the game and, therefore, if you want to head-canon it so that all the gnolls are distracted with ADHD, go for it — they’re tailor made for that sort of thing.

EDIT: Razzagor said what I mean better than I did. Beat me to the posting-punch :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I was excited about idea…After and another and another…Nevermind! F it I am going to bed screw this idea. Do whatever your want with the idea…