Went exploring and found this guy

All I wanted was to explore Karakoth…


Oops. The imps are freeing the unreleased.

Oh snap, explore teams have stuff we can’t get.

But the rest of that team is still trash stats isn’t it.

It says something about the current zeitgeist that I immediately thought this thread would have pictures of a Raichu or something in it.


It appears Explore mode picks from any troop in the game’s data files, not just the ones that are marked as obtainable. That also explains the Rainbow Gorgotha find earlier…

This is unintentional and He shall be disappearing soon from Explore mode.


Awwww actually @Nimhain, I think it’ll be fun to leave them in, it’s a lil hidden extra that will encourage players to use the feature cause you can’t view him in the troop menus yet and we all know I’m a huge fan of Easter eggs (as are most)


With the new change to Death Mark, this troop is the scariest of the set. My actual first reaction to seeing this card would probably violate the forum rules if I were to transcribe it.


He’s Death the (last?) Apocalypse guy. His skill seems soooooooooo powerful with Death Mark buff…

My very next explore had one in it. :open_mouth:

The problem is that many of the troops (like Death) that are appearing unintentionally, are not yet final. We are happy for upcoming event troops and troops that have been released to appearing in Explore.

We don’t want troops who have not yet ready for release in Explore, in case of any issues that may occur (like a new spell effect that isn’t on the Live server).

Death will return once he has been finalized/ released.


At least we all knew who the 4th Mythic was, didn’t we?

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I understand @Nimhain, I hadn’t considered coding in this sense, perhaps you can someday complete a troop, have it fully coded, and preview it ahead of time, in explore without telling anyone it’s there to give us the joy of finding it,

Anyhow, just a thought


Console has a few troops in challenges that haven’t been released yet like Mercy.

Those are the final versions though just awaiting release. Eventually.

nice Exposure of death O:

That would be excellent, and something I had posted about before. <3 @Nimhain

Is dance misspelled in deaths spell?

Nope. Here is the reference.


I new of the dance of death but i did not know it had a different name, that is spooky. Spooky scary skeletons all dancing in a row.

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