Weekly Event: Gladiator

Get anointed this week and become a creature that’s all rage and hatred!
Details >> http://bit.ly/1P1tDM1

I don’t know what’s wrong with the Russell Crowe Gladiator.


Paging @Sirrian

So… I need 16 of this thing to get it to Mythic in 1.0.8?

I hope it’s 15. Not that it makes much difference. :smile:

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+1 to have after upgrades, MK. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, if you’re going to do that, I would get 17 and have two of them. Unless I’m still misunderstanding how that works.

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If this week’s theme is Gladiators, can we have the Epic Arena Event back too?
This could give us a chance to collect on extra copies of the Epic creatures for the 1.0.8.


Rage and hate, huh? I agree with the blog post, that does sound like an online chat board!

To everyone asking, yes, you will need at least 16 of this troop to make it Mythic.
You have one week unless you can wait until 3 or so months from now when it’s finally available in chests.

Though I doubt it’ll be that great of a card, future Mythic collectors might just like having the option.
It’s also another goblin counter, so it’s got that going for it. (Also self powering, which is nice.)

So am I missing something here? What is being offered or asked of us here? Like many players out there (I assume) I have already completed all the quests in Darkstone and have fought one of these new troops - Annointed One. Are we being given a chance to corrupt our existing character and become one with stat bonuses etc?

Is this event on console too?

It’s just an epic (purple) event troop. They’ve just gone overboard with the lore, don’t read too much into it.

Thanks Shimrra. Yeah I think I just got a little excited and my imagination ran away. Just shows how much I enjoy the game. Lol.

New Troop: Annointed One

Anointed should be with one N, just as it (correctly) is on the troop card :wink:

I like your idea ;-).
I think a lot of us needs more copies of Epic troops because of mass disenchantement…
And, it can be also a good warm up before patch 1.0.8 :stuck_out_tongue: .

Sorry no, @ruzin. This event won’t be available on consoles until after the Darkstone kingdom’s release.


You need to specify in your announcements so us console owners don’t end up getting disappointed when asking.

Essentially, unless 505GamesSupport makes the announcement, it’s not an update for console users.

Not really; as when I commented on the wrong end dates on the other events in the support section it was not 505 who answered but the support team here. So they obviously have something to do with the events on there.

Actually we aren’t involved with the events on consoles. We were replying to your support post, as 505GamesSupport hadn’t set up their account yet and we were happy to help out.

This is correct.


Hey, there is a debut weapon in Kingdom’s Pack…
OMG, is this the first weapon that we must pay 50 USD to get it?! :cry: