Weekly Event: Gladiator

That weapon should be available for free when you hit 40 Purple/Brown mastery

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But I didn’t get that weapon when I upgrade from level 929 to 930… :frowning:

Fixed! You’ll get it when you reach level 931. Sorry about that.

That was entirely my fault. Nimhain normally activates the new weapons on the server, but she was busy today recording footage for the next preview, so I volunteered to do it, and then promptly did it the wrong way (which is kind of sad, since I wrote the server code that actually activates things!!)


Or the next time you level up.

Just got my Manacles. They look nice. Going to be fun in Arena

What if you’re level 1000?

Then they go and do it manually. There are few enough lvl1000s at the moment.

In other news - Anointed One is hilariously strong, who knew? Tried a few teams, eventually settled on the Torch Alchemist Banshee combo with him in front. Endless turns plus a huge tank and giant skull damage.

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Indeed, but I don’t think this team is fast. That’s the biggest problem.

Oh its not particularly. But its quite difficult to be hit with at all. Tempted to take a few runs at Warlord IV and see what happens.

Its also gotten me six Maps in the last hour as well, so there’s that.

Ah, how are his stats at 15?

Have you tried the warlord IV runs yet?

His STATS at 15 are 11 life, 10 attack, 7 armor and 3 magic.
Magic meaning his ability is +4 life +4 attack base, before ratio.
Kingdoms make him crazy though. Mine, maxed of course, make him 20 life, 15 attack, 12 armor and 4 magic.

I tried the Warlord IV, I smashed a Goblin team handily since green basically didn’t exist, but I screwed up vs a standard legendary team and got Anointed killed in two hits, after which I struggled for a while and gave up because a 10-12 damage Banshee nuke isn’t really good to kill 180hp worth of troops. At which point it occurred to me that this difficulty thing still doesn’t scale with Dragon Armor and is therefore only really a 50% boost for taking 4-5 times as long (assuming one does well!).

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i want to use this team can you screencap it and post it please

Also is glad worth getting multiple or no

Anointed One
Hero w/ Eternal Flame

It’s the same as another, older team tons of people use, except that has Valkyrie instead of Anointed One.

And realistically I don’t see more than one of him being used on a team. And upgrading him to Legendary or Mythic likely won’t do a ton either, since he just starts buffing himself and then you have no idea where he started anyway. None of which stopped me getting seven.


Tinkering with:

Anointed One - Red/Blue, gain Attack, Armor, Life and convert Green to Red
Green Slime - Green/Blue, convert Green to Purple for damage
Goblin Shaman - Brown/Purple, create Greens, extra turn
Hero w/ Eternal Flame - Yellow, create Red

Oddly synergistic. If initial board is yellow heavy, you can use hero to create Reds. If it is purple or green heavy, the goblin can go into cycle with the Slime. If blue or red heavy, Anointed One charges up for doing more skull damage. If you lose the Anointed the Slime is sufficient to tank. If not it gets big enough to wipe them out. Don’t use skills just because they fill, since Shaman can create a run of 4 red/green, allowing Anointed to power up and not lose the turn. Likewise Hero can insert reds.

It isn’t fool proof, can likely be improved, and it doesn’t “dominate” by preventing the opponent from having a turn. But kinda fun so far.

Replace Slime with Sheggra, oooh. After doing the Anointed’s ability, hitting Sheggra with a red heavy board can take out 2-3 enemies fast with cascade skulls.

Oh i’m only level 722 and this new weapon unlock…
So something wrong, or it’s an other paremeter…?

You should get it when you reach 723

It’s odd… For me the weapon just appeared in my set before I levelled up…

I might actually go for 16x Anointed Ones. The team so far;

Anointed One

Venoxia serves as double generator for Anointed One by creating blues to fill him, and greens for him to transform. He also serves as backup attack gain troop in case Anointed One falls. I am having a hard time choosing between Celestasia and Banshee, as Venoxia boosts both quite well. Banshee creates reds more reliably, but Celestasia boosts life and unlocks a 3x Dragon bonus.