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Weekly ca. 4.000.000 Gold current Rank 85

We are a very effective Guild.

Guildname : Shining Force 1
Currently Members 18
Over 3.800.000 Gold weekly
Ca. 3.300 Trophies weekly
Masteries 33

All members are aktiv. With only 18 members we donate much more than many top 50 Guilds.
Think what is possible we have 25 or 30 members.

If you are interested in a successful Guild than send me a message.

This is Maximus from Shining Force 1

Level 160 looking for a high active guild.
Can contribute 250k gold minimum weekly and 300+ trophies.
Invite code MENTALCASEAD666_I4HS if you are interested. Thanks!

Looks very good.
I’ll send you an invite

Still have an opening?

Yes i have some free places.

Which level you’re and what can you donate peer week?

Any spaces ? I can contribute around 300-500k a week and a large amount of trophies! AIDENLFC1892_O4XJ

Are you guildless at this moment.?
Than i will invite you directly

Yes I am thank you very much

Ok done, welcome to our Guild.

Thank you very much!