"Shining Force 1" Rank 46 further rising. very effective Guild!

We are a very effective Guild.

Guildname : Shining Force 1
Currently Members 28
Ca. 8.000.000 Gold weekly
Ca. 7.000 Trophies weekly
Masteries 50

All members are active . We are looking for motivated, active players.

If you are interested in a successful Guild than send me a message.

This is Maximus from Shining Force 1


if your are still looking for actice member:

current lvl. 358 experienced player (since Nov. 2015).

I was running a “two active member guild” and it was nearly impossible to reach higher goals due to the max. seals per week e.g.

My stats this week:

Gold: 300,000
Seals: 1,500 (I almost complete them after max. 3 days)
Trophies: 130 (normally about up to 200 or 250)
Tier: Champion (I often reach this after the weekly reset in one or two days, depends on how my working times)
Vip Level 5 (yes, I put some real money into this game, sometimes)
Completed all kingdom quests (including blackhawk) but still not all kingdom level on 10.

So if this fits what you are looking for, my invite code is:


Languages (if needed)

Play time: very often round about from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm and 11:00pm to 01:00 am CEWT

What you see in the forum was an really old display of Guild recruitment.

Our current requirements are 520k Gold and 1500 seals per week.
Everyone except one member has fulfilled this order.

So that means we have an open space.
so my question is can you handle our requirements?

If you can and you’re still interested than call me.

But I prefer my psn account: Musashi___87

Already found a guild.

But above requirements wouldn’t have been a problem for me.

Thanks for asking.

I think you should read the thread on trying to poach members.
Thank you