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"Shining Force 1" current Rank 66, further rising. very efficient Guild!

We are a very effective Guild.

Guildname : Shining Force 1
Currently Members 21
Over 4.500.000 Gold weekly
Ca. 3.600 Trophies weekly
Masteries 40

All members are aktiv. With only 21 members we donate much more than many top 50 Guilds.
Think what is possible we have 25 or 30 members.

If you are interested in a successful Guild than send me a message.

This is Maximus from Shining Force 1

Do u hav any free spots

im interested in a spot as well.
Can donate 1500 seals 150-300 trophies really depends on the week and 200-400k gold

That’s sounds very good.
If you want give me your invite code and I will instant bring you on board.

Wait, you talk about seals.
This is ps4 not mobile /pc

Hey. My friend and I on PS4 are both interested in joining your guild. We have had the game less than a month and are already both over Level 40. We play it everyday. It’s very addicting.

Tell me please how many trophies and Gold are you able to donate weekly.
Each of you.

Never been in a guild before. Just let us know what you’re looking for and I’m sure we can help out. How much do you want us to donate? It’s not like I’m using the gold for anything else anyway, lol.

At this time i only look for players which can donate +250k gold a week.