Weekend Class Event Should Have Weekend-Level Rewards

Every other three-day-long weekend event has a rather inflated set of rewards, with Vault Keys and a Major Orb at the end, that sort of thing. Whereas the “New Class” event just has the single Orb and nothing else notable, for three days. Specifically, the new faction events do have a different set of rewards from the recurring events on Tuesdays.


Probably time to make these give as much (and be as interesting) as any other weekend event, right? Besides, that will encourage more gem expenditure and all that.


Also it’s weird how Invasion gives 65 gems and a minor orb extra than Raids.

Moreover, I’m pretty sure the Valraven appearance rate is just divided by 3, roughly :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: which just stretches out the event. For the 1 day class events, you can normally finish Round 4 with just free sigils. With the weekend ones, you can only finish ~Round 2 after the first day.

Edit: maybe half the appearance rate, as opposed to one-third :man_shrugging:.


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Oops. I must not have been in a caring mood since I (still) despise most of these new modes. Just don’t like the inconsistency…