New Hero Class: Plaguelord

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New Hero Class: Plaguelord

A new Hero Class has been released, the Plaguelord. Complete Dimetraxia’s Plaguelord Training quest in Darkstone to unlock this Hero Class.

Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP for the Plaguelord.


I’ve been eyeing this one in the spoilers for ages now, looks very potent. Also the first use of the Chaos tree since Sorcerer.

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I have said this before, but: Isn’t it time the weekend “new class” events got the same amount of rewards as every other weekend event?

This is “just another Thursday”. Plus we are also losing the Thursday event - and its rewards.

Found it.


Let’s amplify this signal a bit, since (if true) it needs to be fixed ASAP: the final upgrade of Plaguelord’s class weapon appears to be bugged.


Superb class! Thank you!


I’m not sure they realise what they just unleashed.

Wut? they let the war corgi out?

To be fair, class isnt impressive at all (like lot more titan or sentinel) and weapon…

Well, it’s defo OP on attack in pvp (like it is needed), lame on def (AIdiocy always cast it on first target, at least on tests), dangerous on delve, the toads fill with nothing and move around your team without a pattern so you cant even “wait” like you can do with Cedric, Dust devils, leviathan and bulettes.

Even tho is fun fill whole enemy team (except the first ofc that will always be a perfectly fine toad) of status effects isnt so useful as could seem at first look (you gotta cast twice on impervious to have it work on them, fully work i mean ofc), ai also tend to recover kinda easy, with good riddance of the supposed to be 5% cumulative chance a turn.

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Fixed the Wording. Now it looks like it works. 100% of the Time.
(Seriously… There wasn’t a single cast of the Weapon were it hasn’t triggered.)

Doesn’t this make it seem a lot more suspicious that the devs claim “Holy Avenger’s working great! It says 20%, so it’s 20%!”

One day we’ll be able to put a “2” on the “Updates since 2018 where even the basic functionality works as advertised” board. Most people don’t even know there’s a ‘1’.

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Also there’s an error in the English translation of the quest dialogue.

Dimetrexia’s first line in the final scene is something like, “Did you finish translating those books.” In English, usually a question mark ‘?’ is used at the end of questions.

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I like the artwork of the new Class Shield.


In my last unlock battle Magnus was replaced by a gnome. So I think I’m a gnomelord. Or Treasurelord? :wink:


What’s with the alliteration theme regarding the quest names this time around? :thinking:

Kind of stupid how the BRAND NEW 3 day long class events have less stage rewards than the 1 day long delve events we get every single week.:unamused:

Devs check the code on Essence of Evil “Yep, code says 10% it’s working as intended guys!”
Hopefully after this they will trust us in the future when we say something is not working right aka Holy Avenger. :roll_eyes:

Can we add King Irongut being a death mark magnet to the pile of “random my :peach:”?

(This thread has been reassigned to bug reports. So I’m on topic.:grinning:)

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So what you’re saying is the Gnome did it.

I liked it the other way , why not be able to transform opponent troop into a toad . It would chane a players way of thinking . Now opponent hero needs to be hindered so they cant use weapon ability .

I think this is working as intended, because weapon affixes don’t resolve until the board resolves, but it’s interesting. If first troop dies second troop gets transformed. In screenshots below, cast on slot 2 leprechaun, status effects applied, board explodes, slot 1 toad dies from cascade, leprechaun gets transformed. image

Hum, what actually work as intended? the 100% transform? (and yes, the transform happen at the end and transform the actual first not the one that was first when you used it)

However, i was wrong, on pvp defs is kinda a pain seen ai cast it on other troops too and not only the first like it did on every “test defense” i tried (what a useless feature lol).