Warbands not available in the shop

I started playing the PS4 version this week and I’ve gone past level 60 on my character. However, when I look at the shop Warbands has a red cross on it and selecting is it tells me to complete World Quests. I’ve looked online and all I can find is that it is for beginners and unlocks around level 28. I’ve completed the first 3 sets of Kingdoms you unlock and completed the quests fully.

Anyone know why this option isn’t available to me?

Naive question - did you actually finish warbands quest or just unlocked it?

What happens when you go under Games —> World Quests? It should take you to your first unfinished quest.

Hey @MSS99

@Dust_Angel has already beaten me to it, but have you completed the World Quest itself or is it currently sitting as started/unlocked?

Thanks all for your response. It was behind one of the World Quests.

Every time I tried the Quests it took me to the Hero Badges quest so I didn’t know it was the next quest after that. Unfortunately, my team ranged between level 10 to 18 so I kept getting beat by the level 22 badges quest. Managed to save some souls and change the team a bit and have completed all my World quests now. Strange the official web site doesn’t mention the quests.