World quests and level locked modes are unbalanced

It’s time to start testing new features properly and not just to make sure they are working but also to make sure they are balanced. I started a new account to see how early game is now and locking things away behind levels is a terrible idea and world quests are very unbalanced.

When you first introduced war bands and started giving them out for completing questlines but screwed over people that had already finished quests by refusing to give them out you said they were for newer players but now you lock them behind levels and require a world quest to be done to unlock them. Problem with this is my new account is level 51 but can not complete the previous world quest for unlocking medals because the enemies are far too strong. By the time I have a team that can finish the quest I will not even need the war band teams. I understand the intention of locking them behind a level and not awarding any war coins for quest completions until level 26 so you will be giving less for free and hoping more people will give you money for them.

Locking hero classes until level 30 is dumb. There are so many classes already and new people will need so many battles to level them up but you are making them start late. There are also some useful perks that would help a low level like the barrier on brown matches and even the extra stat points. You are also locking players out of levelling their heros and giving them stats they need.

Locking arena to level 54 and requiring a world quest and 6 previous world quests be done is one of the worst things in this update. I’m level 51 and can’t even pass the second world quest. Arena is one of the best things for new players that are struggling with quests because they don’t have good enough troops but with arena where they are supplied with troops and everything is even new players can do that and earn keys to get better troops and souls to get level them up. With how hard the second world quest is I will probably be level 200+ before I could even pass the 6 required quests just to unlock it. There are already a lot of people that hate arena and you have just blocked it off for people that need it and will actually play it.

Locking trasure hunt behind a world quest and requiring the 5 previous ones be done is just proof you don’t play the game, you don’t test new features and you don’t listen to your players. Most players hate treasure hunt and complain the rewards are terrible but they are decent for new players that actually need the rewards. It is also good for new players because it doesn’t require you to have decent troops you just need a map and have to know how to play it. By the time new players unlock it they will be getting enough from their guilds that they don’t really need to play it if they don’t enjoy.

Ranked PvP is not worth doing really for higher level players in good guilds but is good for newer players with the glory keys it rewards but again you lock that to level 57.

If I was a new player now and saw how hard it is to unlock this stuff I would uninstall the game a look for a better one. Grand Theft Auto Online just released for new gen consoles and R* change the introduction for new players to and did it right. Instead of levelling locking content they are giving new players free resources to obtain some of the content and then showing them how to play it. 95% of the content in GTA Online is unlocked from the second you get in to the game and the few modes that are level locked can be played if you are invited by another player. All game modes in GoW is just matching gems and by doing a single questline new players will know how to play all other modes. By the time you have played a few battles you know how to play arena and don’t need to be locked out of it until level 50+.With dungeons it is a bit more understandable because those battles are harder and require a decent team. GTA has far more modes than GoW and they are different like races, deathmatches, heists etc but they aren’t locked behind levels and with the new main menu as soon as you start the game you are on a screen to jump straight in to any heist at any level. There are also other modes on the main menu you can go straight in to at any level.

Honestly I am bored of GoW. I have been in my low level guild for 73 days and haven’t even got 1200 trophies in that whole time when 1k is easy to do in a week. I haven’t even done a battle in 13 days. I got bored a couple of days ago and made this account just to see what it was like for new players now and I actually enjoyed the game again. I was planning to bring this account to my guild and actually play it but after being locked out of arena and getting pissed off not being able to complete a quest made for a level 24 at double that level I won’t be playing it anymore. If you say that medals are locked until level 24 and then give a world quest at level 24 to unlock it then it should be balanced for a level 24 to beat it. I really don’t want to see what the quest for level 54 arena is like because it is probably made for a level 500.

You really need to play your game and listen to your players and learn to balance stuff correctly. You are locking out game modes that high levels don’t play and isn’t balanced for high levels but is good for new players. You will be losing a lot of new players when they see that game modes are locked behind a level and then require quests that they can’t complete. There was nothing wrong with how it worked before giving players a choice of what they play but then you screwed it all up but locking it away behind levels and unbalanced quests. A new casual player could be locked out of arena and treasure hunt for weeks or even months before they are strong enough to complete the required quests.

Please just balance these battles so people can actually unlock the game modes when they are the required level.

Also arena and treasure hunt should be unlocked by level 20 at the most so people can take a break from questlines and earn some resources but I know that won’t change so please just rebalance quests so they can be played when people are the right level.


We already have a while discussion ongoing about that. I beat the first knight battle at level somewhere between level 26 and 28.

I don’t think you’re supposed to unlock everything right away when the quest unlocks.

I left it at that because I was busy otherwise.

But from what I gathered is that you get important resources way faster than we used to.

I started playing Jan 1 2020, reached level 10 Jan 2, had 10 different troops Jan 3, had 2 kingdoms by Jan 5…

I reached level 100 Jan 27

Did a lot of things in between like finishing my first pet rescue on Feb 5, unlock underworld at Feb 10…

I was finally able to equip my first badge (of gaard) on Feb 17 - 1.5 months after starting to play.

In the other thread (I’d link it but I’m terrible at navigating this forum :sweat_smile:), someone got his first medal from the knights, Yasmine I think it was, after a few days.

Compare your achievements on your new account with your old account. I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as you feel it is - you’re just used to having more stuff now, and to complete everything right away (which was never possible when starting out).