Warband banners do not rotate anymore! - The case of missing Cunning Goblin Banner

This issue could also be marked as a bug report!

I am missing the Goblin (Cunning Banner) for over 6 months now.
Even after the new update, they never rotated the Warband banners, which means that I cannot get the last one I am missing!

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I’m missing two as well. :pleading_face:

Did they say when they were rotating them? If i use my forum search correctly the last one was about 8 months ago. I don’t think the warbands are on a set rotation schedule.

I was wondering the same thing. to my knowledge they were just changing them. no going back, but I did think they would keep changing them but maybe not?

How about just putting out new banners while you’re at it?

No one is only missing the banner of a warband. What was missed was the opportunity to purchase the warband and all the content with it (e.g., banner, additional team slot.)
Stop claiming this is a bug and just ask for all the existing warbands to be made available in the store on an ongoing basis.

Warbands still make very little sense to me… I’ll take the slots and banners of course but why make a currency specifically for a very small, hardly rotating pool? Bizarre :man_shrugging:


The information is on here somewhere. The war bands were in fact on rotation. I’ve seen the information here some time ago. Like many things in this game, the devs have “forgotten” about the pace and have focused on other things. Pretty sure it was mentioned in game as well. Lvl 1900+ here. Nerdie, you know how they are with currencies. Theyll bring something in, use it for a bit, then abandon it. Just look at your inventory :sweat_smile:


This is all that was said when they were first released.

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“From time to time” = 8+ months. Gotcha. :roll_eyes: