Rotate the warbands again

It’s been a while since the available warbands were changed. Since then many players probably saved up enough warcoins to get them all, or more importantly the banners.
So could you please bring the 2 inactive ones back, or just make all of them available?


i’d assume, DEVs wont bring those 2 back in near future…
if anything they will add 2 new and put another 2 into ‘unavailible now’ state

Hey all,

We do actually have some plans for the first half of the year to rotate these again.

When that comes up, we will let everyone know in advance again which ones will be rotated out in either the patch notes for that update or a separate post!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


New ones would be cool, too. :wink:

The only two Banners that are available (that I don’t already have) pretty much duplicate ones I already do.

Assassins Banner is Blue++ Green+ Brown- which is almost identical to the Ocularen Banner Green++ Blue+ Brown-

And Fanged Banner is Purple++ Brown+ Yellow- which is near as damnit the same as the Slayer Banner Brown++ Purple+ Yellow-

I have 136 Warcoins and I see no point in spending them until I have the chance to buy a Banner which does something different to what I already own.

So they’re just going to sit there until the Devs “plans for the first half of the year” (which could be any time between now and the end of June) come to pass… :poop:

Sometimes you may want green over blue as maybe two troops need green but only one needs blue.

Also, team slots. Don’t know about you but I can always use more of those.


I would prefer banners that don’t dupicate the “Negative” colours as that’s often the deciding factor for which one I use.

For instance, Blue/ Green with minus Purple or Brown, or alternatively, Purple/ Brown with minus Red or Green. It doesn’t necessarily matter which order the first two colours are in, but the one that reduces mana given can be important.

I’m not desperate for extra team slots, I’ve still got at least one, possibly two spare because I have two regular “go to” teams for Fast/ Level 12 explores which are all I need.


Definitely want to see more variety in the minus colors, but I also select banners based on what gets +2 and what +1.

If I have red/something troops and run a red storm, I want red +2/+1 something else and ideally nothing -1 that I also need.

I wish I had more than enough slots. :sweat_smile: I’m sure I haven’t used some of the teams in a long time but I’m a team hoarder. :joy:

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Yes, please add some new warbands with good banners. I have 231 War Coins.


Why was a rotation needed for Warbands?

@Jeto mentioned in the Twitch stream the other day that they have heard this feedback and will be rotating the Warbands again. No timeline given, but it’s on the way.

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