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Voice of Orpheus [REPORTED]


It shows 34+48 points of damage, just in this photo, but always takes 21 points less than it shows.
It suppose that will be 34+48=82, and damage was 61.

It always happens. Always 21 points less than it shows. In all kind of events.

Unfortunately, you’re not the first to experience this.
In short, it shows incorrect bonus damage and does not make it explicitly clear that Orpheus’ own mana is not included in damage calculation as it’s all gone before damage takes place.


Thank you. So it will stay like this always? There is nothing to do? Should I calculate always 21 point less?

Yes. It’s not just a Voice of Orpheus problem either. Anything that gets boosted by number of Blessed allies won’t count itself (because it loses Bless when it casts), anything that counts Submerged allies won’t count itself (it loses Submerge)… etc.

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And anything that gains magic, before applying damage will have it’s damage counted lower. Like Piper that steals armor and converts it into his own magic. Or any troop with Arcane trait that has damage boosted by it’s own magic.