Damage done by Voice of Orpheus is not correct

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The damage done by Orpheus is not correct.
The first screenshot shows the situation at the start of my move.
Second screenshot shows what should happen. Orpeus is supposed to do 28 (his damage as shown on his card) + 53 bonus damage (as shown in the boost ratio tab) This adds up to 81 damage
Now we go to screenshot 3 and there is shown the damage actually done which is 60.
Where are the other 21 damage points gone to???

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This is a boost calculation error as the boost should not include Voice of Orpheus.

According to your screenshot the current mana boost is calculated at…

Dawnbringer = 20
General Suladin = 0
Voice of Orpheus = 22
Falconer = 11

Making a total of 53 however VoO should be excluded from the calculation making the actual boost 20+11=31.

Lol, Orpheus casts first and has zero mana when damage is calculated.

I don’t see why VoO should be excluded. It states clearly on his card ALL ally mana.


UKresistance elaborated more clearly on it.

Voice of Orpheus casts (draining all his mana) then the damage is done, resulting in a -22 from the boost calculation.


He needs this fixed and boost.



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Even if you take away the 22 of VoO it stil is not correct.
VoO does 28 damage, boost is +53 as stated by Boost Ratio this totals 81 minus 22 = 59
But even so, VoO’s card says ALL ally Mana, so I think it should be included. Or the data on the card should be changed.

Seems to be a bug one way or the other. Since voo is a weak mythic maybe devs could consider fixing its dmg for “all ally” and put it closer in line with famine.

Vanya Soulmourn do the same. “Damage boosted by blessed allies”.
If you have 4 blessed troops she count only 3 , which means she is excluded.
Basically is cast > remove bless cause she do a move > count damage by 3 troops.
But the tip calculated before you cast is wrong.

My opinion is to fix this asap by put the calculation boost before they take off mana or blessed troops.


From what I understand, this isn’t as simple as you might think. Perhaps the displayed boost number could be a little more predictive, though.

Let me lay it down step by step so it’s easier for you to understand.

• Displayed Damage

Base 28 + Boost 53 = 81 Damage

• Cast Voice of Orpheus
Drains Voice of Orpheus mana -22 from boost
Arcane trait increases Base Damage +1
Base (28+1) + Boost (53-22)

Base 29 + Boost 31 = 60

• Check your 3rd screenshot for damage.

The calculation is correct however i agree the way that Voice of Orpheus works is wrong.


@Kafka and @Cyrup

I would appreciate some official feedback on this. :slight_smile:

Me too :thinking::smiley:

Another example of why an in-game battle log would be helpful. Just a text list of all actions that occur in the order they occur in.

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