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Visual change of Traits

Many people are little concerned that in most cases Traits cover the image of a troop (which are really pretty and it’s a shame to cover them). So I played around in Photoshop to find other ways to show Traits on a card and here I want to show the results to you, and most importantly to developers. These changes are not revolutionary, and I think that this is a major reason to think about this.

Example why current way of showing Traits is bad, Traits covers faces very often, which is sad:
merlion mockup

AND here are examples what I think could work instead.

  1. Simply move Traits to the left side of the card
    traits option 0

  2. Hide them, we don’t need to see it’s representation as a icon. We can check this by clickin on the card.
    traits option 1

  3. Make them simmilar to Stats (and could be shown on the left like in example 1.)

  4. Show them above Magic
    traits option 3

So thats it! Tell me what you think about my attempt to make Troop cards better. :slight_smile:


Many good points! Then traits is showing at the right side for CPU.

It would be great to turn these options into a poll!


I really like moving them to the left side. Such a simple change, yet it would make a huge difference.


Left side! if not perhaps 3.2 (transparent with colour)


Agree these look the best. Moving the icons to the left means some cards, like Alastair, will have to be realigned though. In some arts you can hardly avoid nice details on the left side of the art becoming obscured; the parrot on Captain Skullbeard, the gun on Bonnie Rose, the fuse on Bombot. Since every character on your side of the board by default is facing right though, traits on the left will look better on the vast majority of cards.

As Delinquent said, making a poll with the images could help. It’s easy:

Anyway, nice job on your ideas and i would probably pick option 4: Above Magic and white Icons to keep everything combining.

Thanks for the feedback! We’re adding into the next update releasing before Christmas! :sun_with_face: :smile: courtesy of @Alpheon

Edit: The traits are going on the left of the card.


Great work. I loved all the suggestions but the simple icons above Magic stat really spoke to me. Very clean.

Awesome to see that something is comin in the next update!! Thanks for the peek behind the curtain @Cyrup. :wink:

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Pasted image at 2017_11_24 01_49 PM


Cool! If you added some transparency to those black bars I think that would really snazz it up :slight_smile:


Wohoo, great to hear that it will be implemented! :smiley: I am so proud of myself xD This really looks great! Can’t wait to see it live!
Btw. Does the purple is now little lighter? If yes, good choice, because on the card of Abynissia purple looks little too dark on that black transparent panel and I wanted to suggest to make purple lighter. So um. Yea. :V


Do you mean, is it lighter in the image I showed of Kraken/what the game team is working on? Or can we make it lighter…?

@Alpheon !

I compared the original purple colour on Abynissa preview I made using original purple from a trait, and it seemed to be little too dark on that black panel, but on Kraken I see the graphic designer made it lighter, so he/she noticed the original was too dark too. So we thought the same thing I think ^^ (I hope this is clear now :slight_smile: )

Like on the preview on Kraken is just right! No more changes needed.

Are the trait icons really usefull? Do players really know which traits troops have just by looking at these icons? Or they need to check in the trait “card” (by clicking on the troop) and so on, icons are useless?

You remove the kingdom banner from the card because most of the players didn’t know which banner corresponds to which kingdom. It seems coherent that you also remove these icons… Or put text better than an icon (which seems to be the solution for the kingdom).

I don’t know all the symbols, but being able to quickly assess how many traits the troop has is useful to me when scouting. Whether it showed the specific traits or just a simple count would be equally good as far as I’m concerned, but I appreciate having this information on the face of the card.

So a 3-steps “progress bar” could be enough.

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The boxes around the icons are too dark.
Maybe even just get rid of the box borders completely?

I personally am very strongly against doing anything but moving them to the other side.

  1. I ALWAYS look at the icon. While I cannot identify most of them, some which are very important to know (Stealth) I can and that’s what matters to me. I want to see if I cannot target a troop at first glance. Since I usually know all the skills by now, I tend to not check the troops by clicking on them anymore and would get a few nasty surprises that way.

  2. Please don’t make them transparent. This game lost SO MUCH COLOR with the UI change already and I’m very happy that I can at least make out something clearly still when so many other things have become incredibly hard for me to see thanks to my vision problems. All the white text is still horrible on my eyes and all the black is depressing enough. Please let’s keep the colorful trait flags!

Can you please make brown traitstones actually brown?
Oh, and make them look like traitstones too! Cheers!