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Visual change of Traits

Opacity is not a ‘black/white’ (excuse pun) situation. The transparency could be adjusted without entirely losing the colour.

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That’s definitely true, but I just don’t want more black or transparent stuff in general.

I’m not sure how to explain it to you properly because you can’t see things like I can. I am almost completely blind on one eye. I have red/green issues and I also have “blind spots” and blurred vision on the other eye.

The new UI is very, very bad for me. For me, bright, contrasting colors are best. It’s what I can make out the easiest. Ever since the new UI hit, I have terrible problems with the numbers. I cannot read the text on borders at all. The traits were literally the only thing I could still clearly recognize in the battle interface. The flags were bright and colorful.

The preview you posted made me squint. I have issues making the colors out. I want you to understand: Yes, it’s also an aesthetic thing (I am so sick of the black and want the colors to return to the game), but it is mainly a health/vision issue. Honestly, might as well do away with the traits on the cards completely, the things on the preview tell me nothing at all. Really sorry. They’re blurry as hell to me. Especially the top one. The bottom one (blue) is visible enough, it gets worse with the middle one and the top one is hell.
Why does this game, which was perfect for people with vision problems, have to become basically unplayable for us? The text, the status effects like stun… I don’t even see half the things.
By now, I basically only play my dragon team since I don’t have to aim there or care about numbers since my dragons can’t heal. I play this game without numbers.
Please don’t make it worse. Why do you want to make your game unplayable to part of your playerbase? I just cannot comprehend. It wasn’t broken before, the new UI broke it and instead of fixing it, you break it even more.

But yeah, also the damn black. It just doesn’t fit the troop art. Yes, that’s an aesthetic thing, as I said. I find it depressing and not fitting the colors of the troops.

I’m sorry I don’t like it. I really am. You guys are obviously working on the UI. But you’re making it worse for people with certain health issues (motion sickness, vision problems, epilepsy).

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Does anyone else (on this thread/reading this message) have similar health issues that could be assisted with changing the UI from a blacker to colour (in some icons) to something with more colour?

Cyrup, may I link you a few things? There are websites which show to “normal” people how people with vision problems see the world (supposedly):
http://www.vischeck.com/examples/ This is a link which shows red-green-blindness. As you can see from the pictures, everything red and green looks kinda the same as yellow (as someone with normal eyesight has told me). A lot of the numbers in the game are green and yellow, stun is red. The black behind the numbers does help a bit - it was way worse before the hotfix after the UI first changed was applied - but since the troop images also obviously lack red/green, the stun, for example, tends to blend in since the red crosses have no black border. I suppose for someone with just red/green-blindness, it would still be okay, but coupled with being partially blind and having blurred vision of what’s still there, things get really rough when a lot of things are just very yellow-ish, depending on the troops and it’s background. Infernal King, for example, is… not a troop I use. It’s like everything blends together there.

The old UI was easily useable for me because the text, the numbers and the effects like stun had black borders. Borders cleared things up. I also could easily figure out what was a rare troop and what was a legendary one because of the different borders. Now they look the same (basically the almost same hue of “yellow”) to me and the stars on them are not very visible for someone with blurred vision.

https://simulator.seenow.org/ This is a simulator for different eye conditions which make things dark, unclear, blurry and so on. This is what gives me trouble with especially the new, purple trait. The “new” hue of purple is very… pink. It does not contrast with the black well, hence it blurs beyond visibility to me. (Fun fact: With the old trait flags, it was the other way round - the purple was the most visible one because purple and white contrast nicely, with orange (=yellow for me) it gets harder and the light blue is the hardest. With the new traits, it’s the other way round, though I feel the new purple is worse than the old blue one for me.)

Also I ran the picture you posted above through a color blindness simulator. Look at it:
Do you think ANY of these numbers are readable on a mobile device except for the 9? (This is, by the way, simulating Deuteranopia. There’s several other color blindnesses. And yes, you might think that the first trait is actually the most visible one here - I asked someone to verify that for me - but for me it’s very hard to see because its original color is the closest to the black background).
The color blindness simulator I used is here: http://www.etre.com/tools/colourblindsimulator/
Sadly it can only use small images, hence me resizing yours. Wasn’t my choice.

I hope this makes things a bit more clear?
Of course, I can only basically guess what you are seeing or what others are seeing. I have three heavy eye conditions at once. But the simulator just shows ONE at a time. I’m a mess and I know it. Still, just someone with Deuteranopia alone sees the image should show you that borders around text and symbols are IMPORTANT.

My cry for a blue instead black UI is not just because I don’t like gothic darkness. It’s because it would allow for black borders around the text and symbols again and with that would, for example, make these numbers very visible once more.

Please ask me if you need more links or want more information.

EDIT: Found a GREAT link: http://www.color-blindness.com/coblis-color-blindness-simulator/
Here you can upload an image and run it through basically all kinds of color blindness illnesses. This should show you easily that different blindnesses blend out different colors - logically - and that’s why borders around numbers are IMPORTANT.

@Cyrup Sorry for another edit, but I made another thing with the color simulator to show the border problems I mentioned before:
This also has the old trait symbols (just made a screenshot from an explore battle in Maugrim). You can see the numbers are MUCH better than on the Kraken, so it depends largely on the troop. The rare troops is, border-wise, however indistinguishable from the legendary one. I know it’s a rare one since it’s an explore battle, though. THIS is why I miss the fancy borders, though - they helped me a TON in understanding what I was facing. Also here you can see how the first trait symbol is easy to see and the bottom one isn’t very much. Completely opposite from the new ones. Still, the fact that there’s something not-transparent helps. As the life number on the Owlbear shows, the black transparency is just not cutting it when it comes to making numbers super-well visible.


… I miss those fancy borders too. (I know this wasn’t the point of your post but I wanted to mention that borders were so cool :c )

And about the visibility, maybe adding outline around numbers would help? Kraken card really look terrible when Sheeba edited it as she/he sees :<

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Yes the borders were very special. It was always a great feeling seeing your new troop with that mythic border for the first time!

Thanks, guys, for reading my super-long post about health issues. :slight_smile: I figured it was likely boring for people with normal vision, so I’m grateful.

Yeah, I miss the borders as well. They helped me so much. The old UI was really, really good for my vision problems - the reason I stuck with the game when I found it was actually because it was so unusually playable for me. Most games are absolutely impossible for me to do.

But yes, bordering the text would absolutely solve all problems. If the new UI would be changed to a dark blue (like the old one had as default background color) so that making a black border around the text would be possible, I could very easily play. Here, look at a battle image from the old UI:
This is SO EASY to see for me. The numbers are so clear and the very visible star above the troop tells me exactly what rarity it is despite me not being able to tell the exact border color.
(@Cyrup adding you so that you can compare this to the screenshots in my post above. Sorry for all the pings. I hope this shows more cleary why I dislike the new UI - I swear I’m not just someone who hates change, the playability difference is HUGE.)

I know, right? I sadly never got any troops to mythic before the new UI hit. :frowning: It’s really sad, I loved ascending my troops. Now that they basically all look so similiar to me, it really… doesn’t even feel like it matters when I get something all the way ascended to mythic. So sad.


THIS SO MUCH!!! They are actually orange, not brown. And I am never sure is it a brown or yellow color on traitstones.