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VIP Platform Crossover

In the past, I posted about hoping a future ability to play my account across platforms. Now having more than one account I have found I enjoy having different cards, being in different guilds, and having to perspectives of progress. That said, what I do wish for is VIP progress to be recognized across accounts. Here’s why.

The break down for VIP level versus dollar amounts:

Level 1 - Spend $1
Level 2 - 50 pts. - $10
Level 3 - 100 pts. - $20 (Free scouting $31)
Level 4 - 200 pts. - $40
Level 5 - 300 pts. - $60 (VIP chest access $131)
Level 6 - 400 pts. - $80 (Access to Daily Deals $211)
Level 7 - 500 pts. - $100
Level 8 - 600 pts. - $120 (All troops start lvl 10 $331)
Level 9 - 800 pts. - $160
Level 10 - 1000 pts. - $200
Level 11 - 1500 pts. - $300 (All trps start lvl 15 $991)
Level 12 - 2000 pts. - $400
Level 13 - 2500 pts. - $500
Level 14 - 3000 pts. - $600
Level 15 - 3500 pts. - $700
Level 16 - 4000 pts. - $800
Level 17 - 4500 pts. - $900
Level 18 - 5000 pts. - $1000
Level 19 - 5500 pts. - $1100
Level 20 - 6000 pts. - $1200

Total to Level 20: $8291

Being an owner of multiple accounts at different levels, different deals and items appeal for each account. If I am spending money for the same game, supporting the same company, who update both accounts, why shouldn’t all dollars go to VIP status across the board. It’s not a new concept, other game companies make it so your game purchases and dollars spent are recorded with your email so that prior purchases are recognized no matter which platform you use.

So if a player is level 8 on one account/platform and level 5 on another, that’s at least $462 that customer has spent. So why shouldn’t that $462 give the customer accesses on both accounts, bringing the customers level up to less than 50 pts. away from level 9, and granting them access to all perks of their level across platforms? It’s a bit frustrating for a customer to invest in a game/company and not see their investment honored across platform for the same game.

With the Campaign just around the corner, and the monthly subscription it’d be nice to see money spent combined across both platforms.

What do y’all think? Is it possible for this to be changed in the future?

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Without a login, and toon selector - how do you link 2 or more accounts?

Don’t get me wrong, as someone with a VIP 17 account and a VIP 13 account, i feel your pain, but if this were possible, you’d have to pick which account gets the benefit. Otherwise, you’re asking for double the reward for paying it once. The devs would never do that.

account linking at a global 505 account most likely.

More rewards across accounts that can’t interact with each other isn’t that big of a deal. But if it gets someone to spend more money, a universal vip level couldn’t hurt.

With a universal VIP level, I would see huge gains in gold. I haven’t done the math, but combining my two accounts would result in me being pretty close to VIP 19, and that +200% gold. That’d be +100% for my alt and +50% for my main. My alt, would also see significant gains in gem keys. I mean, I’m all for it. Devs…please do this.

I just honestly don’t see IP2 or 505 ever doing something like this. I also wonder how the publisher’s contracts with the various platforms would get in the way of it. My assumption has always been that we don’t have the ability to link accounts across platforms because it would mean I could buy on one platform and play on the other, leaving the platform providing me with the most service without their cut.

This is something we should bitch to 505 Games about as they publish Gems across all platforms. And with VIP 17 & 13, you’re the perfect person to try. Submit a ticket with 505, tell them it is BS and you want VIP levels combined and see what they say :face_with_monocle: