VIP 10-15 players vs. Non VIP players

After another week with not able to have a PvP defense team lower than around 8000, its fair for me to share what I think.

The 4 troops defense rule is totally fine, but the Devs can’t penalize VIP level 5, 10 and 15 players. I like some hardcore matches during the week, but I also like matches that takes less than 2-3 minutes. Non VIP players can get a lot easier matches over time by selecting 4 untraited common troops at level 1. This is not an option for VIP 10 and 15 players(since new troops starts at level 10, 15), and is very unfair towards them. I want this to change, so it is equal for VIP players and non VIP players.


I’m VIP 15 and I’m not having a problem at all. Guess you have to get used to actually having to fight for your rewards.


What so people don’t get rewarded for paying their way abit forward considering the amount it costs to even get above VIP 5? This is not a dig but more or less to say that don’t see it happening as it was like that before and people didn’t like it which is why it is as it is now.

I started last week with a normal 9600 point defense team and fought the normal mix of all the troops in the end game, those being Famine, Death, Forest Guardian, DK hero and Kerberos. I went ahead this week and setup as low a team as I could (4 level 17s with 1 trait) and suddenly am getting a nice variety of fights instead of the typical meta fight. I am VIP 9 so all my troops start at level 10.

I have sent in a ticket to get my Peasant reduced in level to 1 and hopefully get his traits removed so I can field a proper weak defense team until such a time as the end game meta BS is resolved in one way or another.


I agree in that sense you go straight to hard end game troop fights within a few wins which is stupid as obviously it is possible with luck it is just yeah stupid lol don’t get me started on console looping fights which is just insanely rediculous and needs a good look at!

Because of the Kingdom Power Levels, I don’t want to keep one troop untraited and level 1 just to have more variety in PVP. This problem has to be resolved differently than forcing the players to put a cheap defense team…


I agree with this. Can’t believe people are complaining about being VIP. Those of us who do not have troops start at level 10 or 15 have to spend tons of time farming souls. Time that could have been used for other things.


I agree with you on that 100%. But until a solution is created and made active removing our ability to fix it ourselves is short sighted on the part of the Devs. I know I am far more frustrated and enjoying the game much less since this “fix” went into production.


It isn’t taken away though. You don’t have to go all down to the 5k ish team powers of one troop defenses to get more variety in opponents.
I defend at around 8,5k ish, fielding snot stone troops, some of which happen to not be fully traited/ascended and i already see a very noticable increase in variety. Meta teams are still a part of the mix, but honestly i think if variety is the goal and not just making the game easier for you, keeping meta teams in the mix is a good thing, right?


My primary objection is to the kneejerk/unthoughtout reaction by development for “fixing” a problem and the lack of discussion on their part about what they are going to do about it (if anything). I will admit with my current defense team I am getting the variety that I want and am enjoying it much more then I did last week. I still think the meta defense teams should be inhibited in some way though to force variety.

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Have you tried setting a 1 or 2 card defense team, I know it will be replaced, but the old score might be used to determine your opponents…

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I agree with you, but I’ve already “solved” the problem. Just check if fully levelling and traiting a troop will get you an increase in kingdom power level before you level and trait it.

Peryton wouldn’t have raised Dragon’s Claw’s power level from 7 to 8 for me if I fully levelled and traited it, so I just gave it all the traits but left it at level 1.

Now I can field a defense with powerscore 6740 if I want to.

Yeah but that’s not the spirit of the game… :trolling:

Do traits not increase a lot the value of one troop?

Traits do increase the value, but level 1 troops aren’t worth that much for the power score (even if they’re fully traited).

I still set one troop on defence. I still see a lot of variety in my PvP invades.

I haven’t seen it clarified how the recent fix to 1TDs works. I suspect that the team score of your defence (and therefore what PvP opps you roll) is still set when you save your defence team to the server. Yes, when an enemy rolls you, the 1TD gets replaced with a random 4x team from your list, but this is afterwards.

If I am right then this fuss is over nothing.

Of course, I may be wrong; it happens now and then. Clarification from devs @Saltypatra would help.

The funny thing is that I was thinking the same thing. We need a button to ‘refund’ a troop down to level zero if we choose, and a second to untrait it. That would help here.

I’d rather have unending elspeth than having unending 3 and 4x Famine teams in the meta. Sure I can beat them it just takes a lot longer and I have a limited time to play this game and meet my guild requirements.


Fuss about VIP could stop there, yes. But what about low/middle players fighting full traited teams of the high level players who put a 1-troop defense? That’s quite unfair for them…


its not over nothing,

while setting 1TDs you are fielding fake low score defense that someone will have to fight (see the issue with too hard fights for lower level players) and/or it will reduce their fair pvp choices

and i also agree with others that treating vip players this way is unfair for the time being


Exactly what I tried to convey with my OP.


I think @Jainus meant the outrage from the side of the 1TD faction is over nothing, and he is right, and it was from the start.
Lower players having to face virtually unbeatable opponents with massively deflated team scores is an issue that indeed needs to be taken care of.

They aren’t though, 4 lv10 troops is plenty low score enough to get your wished variety in invade options, i’d say it is even too low to also still try and make it look like one is looking for variety only and not just easier games.

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