Video: Tips on how to reach 60+ moves in treasure hunt


Hi everyone,
I wanted to show you a few tips on how to reach 60+ moves in treasure hunt.
There are maybe some stuff that i haven’t covered, but i tried covering everything the game gave me while i played it.
If you have any question i’ll be happy to answer them.
Also there is a surprise on the end of the video :wink:


Worthwhile to move it over to guides?


Hmm I’ll do that then :slight_smile:


well your surprise is still active at the moment of writing, so many-a-players can still get better at this th’ing :wink:


Wink wink :wink:


Nice video, keep em up.

PS I like your hat. :wink:


Great work thanks for this


Glad you liked it :slight_smile:


Vid not working.


Just tried it and it works normally here o.O


Gnna try now. Jus got home.