Video: Spring has Sprung Event


Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

I uploaded a video going over the Spring has Sprung event. I will be doing this for all future events and may even be able to get redeem codes to hand out with them that will hopefully include 1 event keys. All future videos for events will hopefully be posted the Monday of the event.

This was the first time I ever recorded my voice and tend to be introverted in my day to day life, so I don’t have too much experience talking. After a couple of these videos my commentary will probably be more coherent and interesting to listen to. Hopefully I covered all of the important information and will continue to post similar videos and any requests from the community.

Thank you for your support!

Thanks to all who contribute to the GOW community

Job well done @Tacet
Can’t wait for the next of the series :smiley:


Thanks. :smiley:


Good stuff!


You did really well Tacet! As i thought you were being too hard on yourself, you rushed just a little here and there, but i could understand you perfectly. And english is not even my first language, so yay for us.
For me because i’m perfecting my hearing understanding lately and i was able to follow your video without reducing the speed to get a better understanding.
And for you because of your first video for your project. :thumbsup:


Good job Tacet.
If I can advice, try to reduce the cursor movement. It seems a little strange.
I know it is natural, I am doing it too. It is just that in video it is …


I couldn’t have the sound when I first quickly browsed through the video, and this was waaaaaay too annoying indeed ^^’


The constant mouse movement mostly has to do with the fact that I mainly play MOBAs. Games like those require a significantly higher APM (actions per minute) than something like a turn based match 3 game. I’m just so use to having to make quick mouse movement that my idle position tends to be quick mouse movement in a small area. It is used a lot in MOBAs to last hit well and to kite enemies.


I could always use an event key.


I’ll find out this Monday what they will be able to do.


I enjoyed the video; it was very informative. Thank you!


It felt like i was listening to someone over skype which to be honest even tricked others listening to think i was in a skype call. Also your outro felt abit forced and too quick. It was like mid length intro, fast outro. Also what is with the hover hand. Hopfully you can get special effects so you can highlight what you are talking about instead of circling the thing you are talking about with your mouse. And one more thing, not enough treasure hunt in this video. We know you have high scores and if possible make a series around arena and one around treasure hunt. Something like, “Road to glory in TH” or something like that. Try for a fancy catching name for arena too. Really explain what you are thinking and how you are planing your moves in those two mini games if you can. I believe in you. Other than the aforementioned criticisms the video was nice or whatever you know and i guess i am now a sub to your channel or something so um keep up the good work i guess.


Arena I definitely could, but I am the last person you should ask for help with treasure maps. xD


I subscribed and loved the vid. More exposure for the game is always good. You’ll work out the kinks in time. Keep up the good work.


Yeah, I need to work on talking first. Most of my videos will be 100% unedited for the next month or so. I can easily do more videos that way since the time it takes to make a video is however long the video length is. There is still about 30 minutes for upload and 1-2 hours until the video goes 1080p60. Trying to do edits to a 1080p60 file is going to take hours due to how long it takes to render. I also don’t have any form of good video editing software. If anyone knows of a decent free or really cheap one, that could help. It will still takes hours longer though to try editing a 1080p60 file. I could always record it in 720p30, but that is a lot of quality loss just to add some edits.


i upgraded mine to mythic …but i have only 19 atack …is that because i upgrade it all once …not level by level ?


You need to have a subheading under each video title, “>weekly event name< AndhowtomakeyoufeelcrapaboutyourGoWprogress”


I have 2 +1 attack kingdoms and 1 2x attack kingdom, so a total of +4 attack on all troops. If you have 19 attack on your mythic version, that likely means you only have 1 +1 attack kingdom.


I’ll be doing videos in the future for lower leveled players. Quite a few that I am doing this week is geared specifically for lower leveled players. I’m also making some of them so that they will be applicable for all platforms instead of just PC/Mobile.


Grats @Tacet on a good video, well done… so you do talk really quickly, yes! but the more you do the more confident you’ll be and as you relax you’ll ease up no doubt…