Video: 300 VIP Chest Opening – $800+ Worth of Gems

Hello everyone! Today I open 300 VIP chests, which is quite possibly the most VIP chests ever opened at one time. If you have done more or a similar amount feel free to tell everyone how high in the top 1% you are, lol. :smiley:

All gems were obtained without spending any cash through guild tasks and other trickle means within the game for gems.




Great vid.

What would you recommend I spent my gems on whenever base mythic characters are released on console? 50 vip chests? Or spend those 2k gems on gem chests?

Ps I’m only vip level 1 at the moment.

Gem chests would be better if all your ultra rares aren’t mythic yet. Gems chests give on average 3x more resources than a VIP chest. While the gem chests will have slightly lower rarity overall, 250 gem chests has about the same mythic chance as 50 VIP chests. VIP chest of course has a higher chance to get mythic, but at a 1:5 ratio with how many more gem chests you can get it ends up putting them at around the same or with gem chests with a GREATER chance for mythic. The main reason I always do VIP chests around the time of mythic releases is because I need the arcanes to actually trait them immediately. VIP chests are much better at getting arcanes than gem chests.

I had like 1900 gems to opening up for. I then thought I rather go with 200 gem chests than try my luck at around 40 VIP chests. I guess it depends on situations and how much one have stacked up.

Yeah, it is hard to tell gem chest mythic drop rate vs VIP since both have a small drop rate and there is very little data out there that can be pulled from. In theory, gem chests should be better to get a mythic. The VIP mythic drop rate would need to be at least 5x a gem chest for them to be equal.

Not sure, since in gem chests there is also ultra rares which that makes it a lot of additional troops one can get. As well as Runic stones. And that probably minimize the % of Mythic drop quite a bit. At least I got one, and cannot complain. However I have a good history when it comes to VIP chests, I got 2 Famines out of 20 VIP chest in the previous Mythic release.

ICYMI, the drop rate for VIP chests is 10x the drop rate for gem chests.


Yes, if you’re chasing Mythics, Legendaries, or Epics, then VIP Chests are the better route. 5x the cost but 10x the drop rate.

I also opened 300 VIP Chests, although I got three Plagues in the first 100. I needed the rest to get Blue/Green Arcanes lol.

(Also got five Plagues total.)

Still have my entire stash of Glory Keys for the next kingdom/s.

That is pretty much the exact thing that happened to me, lol. xD

I had 3 Plagues by 150, then needed more for swamps.

So you guys open 50 by 50 until you are happy with the result, or until the first mythic drops?

No luck… 2000 Glory and 150 VIP didn’t work for me , now I’m not sure if want to use more gems.