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Vault Weekend data collection

Can you please post/pm/attach the primary data to the top panel as recorded without processing and described how it were generated (what battles, did you do anything else in-between, anything specific worth of note). It seems that number of points may be sufficient to check for randomness and may be even normality or lack of it.

Forgot to add my data:
I didn’t tally my battles, but made 2600 trophies over the weekend. So I assume 1500-2000 matches mixed with daily obligations, mostly Explore 1, and some Explore 12 when 100 mythstones were reached.

129 gnomes
12 vault keys
1 epic vault key

First epic after the third event with appox the same outcome of gnome/key ratio for the last two events.

70% Explore 12, 20% Explore 5, a few explore 1s, odd 9, about 15 Casual PvP and 3-4 total Arena runs.

22/50 Gnome Tracker
247 Gnomes
9 Tracker VK
19 VK

VK rate 7.7% - thought it wasn’t great.

Additional Notes (as always)

7.642 million gold
425k souls
6 Nysha Tokens
210 Orpheus Tokens

Will take it…


4 Pity Keys, 3 other Vault Keys, 1 Epic Vault Key

Not bad for how little I played due to the holidays

vault weekend vs normal week

75,68% of gnomes founding in explore this week

Vault event…1392 battles and 158 gnomes…8.81 battles/gnome
week…1408 battles and 37 gnomes…38.1 battles/gnome

i hope understand ,my english is not good to explain


Thanks for this, but change gnomes/battle to battles/gnome. Very useful data!

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I scrolled back through my spreadsheets and must admit we’ve just landed on unlucky side this time around. There have been instances of similar gnome appearance rate in the past, for example:

October’20 (4.57 and 9.88)
August’20 (well, barely over 1000 games (probably the gnomes were hiding in the territory of 2000 games) that time ended with 3.58 and 8.94)
June’20 (4.72 and 9.31)
November’19 (4.46 and 9.36).


Thanks, looks like its down to luck then. I dont see any reasons why they would nerf the spawn rate either, as the drop rate werent crazy.

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Unlucky - that number of games is in range for 2 expected EVK

my stats all week and vault event of course
click image for full size

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Thanks for sharing - just to confirm, is that
1995 battles
146 gnomes
9 vault keys
2 epic vault keys
Even outcome on the big ticket item (EVK), and corroborates @Dust_Angel 's comment about lower gnome rate

16/55 on tracker (10 pity)
291 Gnomes
16 VK
Net 5700 trophies taking out pets, 2 Arena runs and Dungeons (combination of 1s,2s and 3s)
Had 3 EVK by 3/35 on tracker FWIW (and 2 by 4/25).
Gnome to VK rate 5.5% - low

VK drop was poor, but had a late surge of 5 VK in last 28 gnomes just before I quit, or else it would have been even worse.


Last Vault Event I went E12 for over 70% of the time.

This time, more of a mix of E1 with Sister/DD/IRx2 (although an extra click and I have 3 Ironhawk, took down Soul Gnome one shot), E5 EZ mode Phoe, E5, Phoe/Phar, E9 a few times (got a Nysha from an E9) and E12 with several teams. Probably about 20% E1, 40% E5, 33% E12 and remaining % E6-10.

As always

Gold 6.1m
Souls 380k
Nysha 5
Anu 19
Gems 1300+

E1 didn’t really achieve much if I am honest as the spawn rate was so low this time for me. Conversion rate was my worst ever by a margin too.


@cyberkiwi, what’s the easiest way of sharing my data with you? I for once actually tracked my gnomes.

  • 202 PvP battles
    • 168 ranked
    • 15 casual
    • 19 deaths/runaway (so, 183 PvP battles where I won, not sure how deaths/runaway affects gnomes)
  • 20 gnomes
    • 2 daemon
    • 2 glory
    • 1 jewel
    • 1 mecha
    • 4 pet
    • 9 treasure
    • 1 soul