Usability: Regarding Legends Reborn

There are some usability issues with this Legends Reborn:

All the clicking. Once you clear the two/three fights, you have what seems like 20 clicks (I know it’s not, making a point) before you get to the next round of fights to continue. This should be streamlined.

It takes up the big square in “games” even if you are ineligible for any more fights until the next round begins. This effectively hides pet rescues, faction events, etc.

And the rewards - you get 1 McGuffin for every green troop you kill right? You get the mythic pet within an hour or two. Thus, for the next 2 weeks (presumably) getting more McGuffins has no purpose. So, why bother having us continue to accumulate?


The style of the story line gives me trouble, with the new style “comic” what I find personally not fit by this game, but the very white text balloons with the black imo very worse text font make for me that I see a white spot with black stripes and thats not only coz I have a visual disorder!
With the release of Hell Crag where many people who have mention this, so I find a bit of pity that they havent change the text font to make it better to read…
So for me was after trying to read it several times to click the skip button and just do the battles, a missed chance there I like to read the story line of the game!


The font is terrible. I could barely read it on my tablet. Now imagine a smaller phone.

Does no one ever check these things properly? Or listen to the players? (I know the answer - it’s no)


I’ve got to agree that the new comic-panel style is a downgrade.

Remember this is a MOBILE GAME first and foremost meaning your text MUST be readable on a 5-7" screen.

The old presentation was.

The new presentation is not.

To be fair, the cutscene text IS in fact the same size as used previously (it is the same height as “small” UI text, e.g. as spell and trait descriptions) but the change in font makes it less readable.

And I mean OBJECTIVELY less readable, based on the font’s own metrics:

  • Letter spacing is reduced to ~1px (at 720p) from at least 2px previously. The letters are literally more tightly packed than previously, which reduces readability.
  • The actual glyphs are narrower: a capital O had a roughly 6:5 aspect ratio previously – now it is 2:1.
  • The line weight looks to be about 5px (at 720p) when it was previously 4px.

(I should assemble an image with precise comparisons, but that takes time…)