Fix for the next Legends Reborn: Remove the story line - so people just can consentrate on the battles

I am brutal honest when I say clicking so many times on the skip buttons have weared me out in this new event. I just doesnt manage to find the flow and it all go so slow. Please just make a better option for us.


And remove the time gating. It’s really pointless. Just adds frustration on players.


yes, please!

As with virtually every other similar-ish game out there, the developers want you playing their title on a regular basis. And they’ll do little things like this to keep you coming back to play their title instead of doing something else.

At least it isn’t quite so bad as it could be. Unlike a lot of those similar-ish games, you aren’t gated by some ridiculous “energy” system. I mean, you are in certain areas – e.g., delves – but it’s not like you can only play a handful of battles at once and then have to wait a while (or pay) before you can come back and do more stuff.


I think the devs literally creates this event just to show off their new comic style quest interface because they think it’s cool, and they think that’s the more important thing to do with this game comparing to fix offer bugs and balance modifications.


I didn’t hate this event and pretty satisfied with getting essentially a free mythic pet. I will say though only releasing the last set of battles for 2 days needs a rework. Lots of things come up for people including vacations, work obligations, internet goes out(happens all the time here) or just life in general. It would be frustrating to have time for the other release days and be out of town for the very end


I must admit that I did not read a word 5 times.

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I like the comic strip style but appreciate that it doesn’t transfer well to all platforms. But I don’t want to see it 5 times and perform all the extrs clicks along the way. The time gating is a bad idea because we all have different RL schedules and weekend players in particular seem to be suffering the most at the hands of legends as it currently stands. Time gating story replays should be removed to give players flexibility.

I love storymode the storylines are amazing so is the artwork that comes with reading the storylines. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would want to remove this.

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