Upcoming Gem Sale (Tomorrow!)

Heads up, adventurers!

We will be having a Lunar New Year’s Gem Sale! It will go live tomorrow.

An actual sale or just more gems for the same amount of money?

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It’s the same kind of sale that we normally have, so will be bonus gems like in the past.

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Technically, that question is just semantics. An “actual sale” that say, knocks down the price of the 100 gems from $5 to $4 would be the same as buying 125 gems for $5.

Same for Buy One Get One free. You’re just paying half price for both.

Unless you are working on a budget and you just cannot scrap together the 5$ need to buy, when you hear there is a sale the typically reaction would be that the amount of money needed would be reduced thus possibly falling within your limited budget.

What they are doing is not really a sale as the price is not reduced, the quantity of gems is simply increased which, while maybe semantics, is an important distinction in this case.


Valid point for retail sales. Microtransactions are another beastie tho

At least they got rid of the annoying flashing gem icon from the shop.

I happily endorse this sale (sale or not) :laughing:

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If the deals are right for me I’ll buy. I don’t mind micro transactions- as a matter of fact I like having options. I’m also not against anyone trying to make an extra buck.

It’s always a sale because normally 100 gems are a $40 value, right?

Would you pay 40$ for 100 gems?

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They also will tell you the item on sale is worth 50x and is a discount of 75 off regular… When there never was a regular higher value for the package. That’s always been the price. Deathknight and typhoon, anyone? When have these items NOT been the same price as 4 years ago? It’s not a sale when it’s offered at the same price as it always was since day one. It’s marked that way as an illusion you’re getting a discount. Sucker born every minute. The publishers don’t know how “sale” works other than description trickery.
But not to take from dev salary, I do back the flash gem price. That is worth a 5 pop.


Salty: I see you mention when the sale goes live – Can you also indicate how long it is expected to last, please?

Thank you! -EG

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Thanks for reminding them. :roll_eyes: Lol
(It’s back)


Ooops… :see_no_evil:

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This is mentioned in the News tab in-game - 1 (Gems of War) day with reset - reset included!