Upcoming Change to Factions, Pets & Kingdom Levelling

Ahoy, adventurers!

We are making some small changes to make it easier for players to advance their kingdom power levels with pets. Faction pets will now contribute to their faction’s linked kingdom. This means that even when kingdoms have exclusive cosmetic pets released, there will be more pets available to help increase kingdom levels.

For example, in August an exclusive cosmetic pet is releasing for Darkstone, which will be needed in time to increase Darkstone’s kingdom level. With this change, pets from the All-Seeing Eye will also contribute to Darkstone’s kingdom level, making it easier to level a kingdom (Darkstone in this case) if a player misses a time exclusive cosmetic pet.

We will be rolling this change out within the next 48 hours. Thank you for your feedback regarding this issue!

(PS, in 4.5 we are bringing a little somethingsomething to make Faction v Faction battles more approachable. This won’t be releasing at the same time as the pet change, as it is bundled into 4.5.)


Interesting, nice change :+1:

So excited for this! :hugs:


Pvp points fixed and now this?:heart_eyes:


We are trying our gosh darn hardest to do what we can for you all!


Promising, but if we need a maxed out faction pet then that doesn’t solve anything for most people until that mysterious helping hand happens in 4.5 - if that even works out. Obviously, perfect faction team clears are fairly ridiculous at the moment. I mean, the majority of my guild looks to me for faction advice and I’ve only gotten the full 2500 on one of them.


This is the real good news here. I’ll finally change my pet from Kit Sith after him him since he first released.

I think I’m missing something here, doesn’t kingdom levelling require mythic level pets? How will players be able to mythic cosmetic pets without shelling out thousands of gems?

Hey Goodly, this change means that players won’t need to level cosmetic pets, as more pets will be included under a kingdom. If a player can’t mythic a cosmetic pet, they will be able to level a different pet to increase their kingdom level. More pets will be available per kingdom moving forward, as faction pets will be counted towards their associated kingdom for levelling purposes.

It’s a bit tricky to word, but I hope I have clarified this for you. :slight_smile:


It solves the conundrum some were facing in considering spending 3000 gems now they don’t have to.

Only if they can successfully get a faction pet to mythic!

And currently the only way to do that (other than extreme amounts of luck) is to pour gems on it during an event to get Tier 7+++++ and have the stats to do stuff.

Good job devs.


I would rather spend 3000 gems on a faction event than a silly cosmetic pet.


Thaaat is a good point. Still, I’d like to see the F v F improvement kick in.

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Another change you guys could consider if you feeling especially nice is change 17 star requirements from collect 2 mythic pets. It is a huge roadblock to 99% of players.

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I’m going to have to see the whole 9 yards before I get excited because at this point I’d rather brush my teeth with sandpaper than do the faction grind.

But you said “the faction pet will be relevant” combined with “getting the faction pet will be easier in ways I can’t describe to you yet” so I have to give you the chance to show me the secret before I decide how I feel. Suffice to say I’m interested in what 4.next brings.

Sounds great but my question is when is 4.5?
In before Soon TM

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4.4 just dropped, so 4.5 will be a little while :joy:

4.5 will be out before year’s end lol.

I think Sept or Oct is likely though based on previous timelines.

But things change and could be sooner or longer.

Great change. Always thought it was odd Faction pets didn’t apply to their home kingdom